Thrill Vehicle Purchasers With an Online Test Drive

Now is the moment to take the wheel!


How do you effectively capitalize on the excitement associated with purchasing a new car in an era where more and more consumers wish to do much of the shopping online? How do you present the car so that a potential online buyer may see it in motion before they visit your showroom?


In a nutshell: Virtual test drive.


No, we are not discussing driverless cars or autonomous driving. We are discussing a virtual test drive designed to excite a buyer during their purchasing process for several models.


An Electronic Test Drive for Today’s Auto Dealership

In the current car-shopping atmosphere, a consumer will surely visit your website when looking about for a vehicle. Today’s automobile buyer is a browser to the max, with a busy life and a variety of vehicles to choose from. As stated by Cox Automotive:


“Compared to 2021, time spent at the dealership increased by about 20 minutes, but time spent online shopping and researching vehicles increased by more than an hour.”


Customers search many dealerships, including yours, in an attempt to locate the greatest offer or customer service. They visit several websites in an attempt to find the vehicle that best fits their wants and style. They enjoy themselves along the journey. or refrain from doing so.


Getting customers to interact with your website is essential if you want their attention and, eventually, their business! When it comes to providing the ideal experience at the ideal moment in the customer journey, a virtual test drive can be just what the doctor ordered.


The Modern Automobile Buyer Is Present in a Wide Range of Virtual Environments

Customers live in and like to shop in an omnichannel world since there are so many different technological touch points available.


A real test drive is the best way to confirm the purchase. For the customer to make the best decision, they must feel the steering wheel, sit in the seats, and use the features firsthand.


Drivers can consider aspects that are most important to them and get a head start on choosing their potential future vehicle by taking a virtual test drive. They are more prepared for the actual test drive when they can see themselves in the car.


For years, automakers have used car ads to provide viewers a visual summary of their automobiles; today, auto dealers can do the same while potential buyers are actively perusing their websites for possibilities.


Three Advantages of Online Demonstrations


1. Draw attention to the vehicle’s important features in more detail.

In addition to showcasing the car in motion, a top virtual test drive will include a feature list that highlights its salient points. This helps the customer see things more clearly and provides them with expectations.


An overview of the inside and a visual representation of what it could seem like to be behind the wheel can also be obtained through a virtual test drive.


2. Preserving customers’ safety and saving time.

Customers like being able to run errands from home since the outbreak. The less time spent completing the necessary finance documentation, the better. Since some customers have reported finding the financing procedure to be a little daunting and complex, you might be rewarded for your patience in this regard and be able to cut some time off of their visit.


Customers have always been unhappy when they spend time in the dealership. But, we are aware that the shopper’s uncertainty accounts for a portion of that time. The customer’s tastes and wish list can be made clearer with a virtual test drive.


Some people still place a high importance on safety and limited physical interaction due to various health concerns. Technology that allows for virtual test drives might provide these clients a sense of control over a procedure that can occasionally feel rushed or unpleasant.


Certain components of test drive simulation can help people who are anxious at dealerships feel enthusiastic about their prospective car.


3. Instill trust in the purchaser.

Few consumers want to purchase goods—especially cars—from a business without first seeing them in person. Car purchasers who wish to see a better picture of a vehicle in action can feel more confident after watching a virtual test drive video. They can visualize themselves operating it and witness the realization of their desire!


In addition, there’s no denying the effectiveness of video marketing. In a Wyzowl study incorporating 2023 buyer sentiment data, 89% of respondents stated that watching a video persuaded them to purchase a good or service.


That is a sizable number of consumers who were persuaded to make a purchase after viewing a video!


The Benefits of Live Dealer Chat and Virtual Test Drives

With MyDrive, a shareable virtual test drive and a visual summary of cars and their characteristics, SimpSocial has harnessed the power of virtual test drives. This technology directs interested car buyers into the path of purchase and helps to further engage them on your website.


Additionally, we have discovered an important fact with our MyDrive product:


When given the option, 87% of shoppers who have chatted in have viewed a MyDrive video!


A car dealership’s website can use live chat to seize ephemeral opportunities—customers who are shopping around for their ideal vehicle at the best price. A virtual test drive enhances overall interaction to confirm a potential client’s desire to collaborate with you.

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