Three Steps to Brand Awareness

In times of high demand, coming up with novel and distinctive ways to differentiate yourself from the competition may seem inconsequential, but it’s crucial to your dealership’s long-term profitability.


The first step to showcasing your offerings to potential clients and establishing a devoted, lucrative relationship with them is raising awareness of your brand. Customers cannot choose you if they are unaware that you exist.


Here are some suggestions to think about if you’re looking for some enjoyable methods to work on increasing (or maintaining) your brand awareness this summer:



Plan locally

Although your location gives you a head start in attracting clients in your neighborhood, it won’t be sufficient to convince people to visit you. Customers can find a list of every dealership in their area by conducting a quick online search, and many are ready to go a little further if they believe it will result in a better experience.


Customers need to see that you care about their experiences even when they’re not in the market if you want to establish yourself as the best in the neighborhood. Building connections with local residents and businesses is essential to preparing your dealership for success because 68% of people are more likely to purchase from businesses that are actively involved in their neighborhood.



There are many fascinating ways to give back to your community and promote yourself at the same time. For illustration, you could:


Support a baseball or softball team in the Little League.

local activities like concerts, street fairs, or festivals to attend or sponsor.

Donate to a local cause or hold a fundraiser.

host a function, like a neighborhood barbecue or a 5K race.

Online Interaction Social media is a fantastic tool to use when increasing business exposure, both locally and globally. Your dealership may quickly increase its digital reach by often posting and engaging on social media, enabling the right customers to find you when they need to.



Work to include any pertinent or useful hashtags when producing fresh social media material to increase impressions. Additionally, it’s critical to continually keep in mind how customers interact with your dealership, as this will help you become more visible to more people. One of the easiest ways to do this is through contests, which frequently feature high levels of interaction. More than 54% of participants in contests with a business theme post the contest to their own pages, which can help you increase your audience and brand recognition.



However, your dealership should not just be communicating online by producing its own material; it is also crucial to respond to other people’s content. Make sure your dealership is attempting to establish relationships by providing stuff that might be of interest to your own audience and liking and commenting on articles where you are mentioned.



Attempt New Things

Even though it’s frequently simpler said than done, trying something that no other local dealership has done is another excellent strategy to increase brand recognition and set yourself apart from the competition. No suggestion is too little when it comes to creativity; perhaps your dealership would be interested in a servicing campaign that entices clients to visit before leaving on a vacation or road trip. Perhaps you want to start a newsletter or establish a strong presence in a brand-new medium, like a podcast.



Anything that makes your dealership distinct from the competition, no matter how tiny, can help you build brand awareness. Additionally, you can incorporate the idea into your continuing marketing approach when you discover something that produces excellent results. Before making any significant modifications, make sure you get complete reporting.



Overall, building and sustaining your dealership’s brand awareness is essential to long-term success, both locally and online. While many dealerships are currently profitable, doing the work to develop relationships with people who are already doing business with you can go a long way toward ensuring that you have a steady stream of clients who will continue to choose you even when demand declines.

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