Three Pointers to Help Dealerships Increase Sales

1. Permit Your Salespeople to Send Quotations to All Leads From Phone Who Are Interested in Purchasing a Vehicle


To streamline your firm, provide your salesmen with a solution that enables them to communicate immediate pricing to all clients. Your team may conclude sales more quickly by sending quotations more promptly from any device! Customers will be able to acquire the information they need right away because your salesmen will be able to submit quotes at any time from anywhere.


2. Offer a variety of vehicle options and a unique microsite.


What should be sent with the quote now that you’ve figured out how to submit it? Offer your clients a range of alternatives to the vehicle they are interested in. Don’t let them buy from one of your rivals because you didn’t include used possibilities in your email; 42% of individuals who inquire about new cars end up buying used ones!


3. Get Alerted When a Car Buyer Views Your Quote.


If you don’t already, you should start using a program that alerts you when a client views your quote. Your salespeople can concentrate on the clients who are prepared to buy by receiving notifications of active leads. Your sales staff will unfairly benefit from this function, which is crucial for qualifying leads and figuring out their level of interest!

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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