Three Methods to Assist Your Small Business in Communicating Like a Big One

Always Pick Up the Phone – IVR

If your phone ringing and ringing, or if it goes to an amateur-sounding voicemail, you won’t stand out among your larger competitors. The good news is that you don’t always need a large call center to answer the phone. Using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, you may set up an auto-attendant phone system that directs incoming calls to the correct line or answering service.

Call tracking allows you to quickly test different marketing strategies.

How do you decide if a radio ad, a billboard, or a direct mail piece is the most effective? You can bet the big boys know what they’re doing. Consider purchasing your own local and toll-free numbers to use in advertisements from our database. Each number can be applied to various aspects of your plan and tracked to see what connects best with your contacts. With this information, you can make smarter judgments about what works best for your company.

Text Marketing – Text Marketing – Text Marketing – Text Marketing – Text Marketing – Text Marketing – Text Marketing

Don’t you enjoy it when one of your favorite large businesses sends you an SMS reminder? To send out bulk text messages, you don’t have to be a large brand. SimpSocial provides a simple online interface for sending promotions, notifications, and reminders. You can upload subscriber lists and personalise your message in minutes.

To be good, you don’t have to be big.

Even if you’re smaller than your competitor, communicating successfully informs consumers and prospects that you’re a real, professional firm. Have you considered how IVR, Call Tracking, and Text Marketing can benefit your company?



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