This Free Dealership Tool Identifies the Number of Active Automobile Buyers You Can Reach

What dealer wouldn’t be interested in learning more about local car buyers?


Planning your dealership’s overall strategy can benefit greatly by knowing the demographics, credit ratings, and total number of in-market customers for your PMA.


We thus developed a solution that, with just a few easy clicks, unlocks these crucial consumer data points.


Data is now difficult to find At Dealers’ Disposal

We’ve discovered over the past year that the majority of auto dealerships think Facebook Ads can help them connect with customers in their neighborhood.


However, does your dealership realize the exact number of users you can actually reach? Even better, do you have any idea how many of those users are actual buyers?


To determine their maximum possible reach in the past, dealers had to create an Ad Account and look through the targeting choices in Facebook Ads Manager.


Dealers must then seek specific access to Oracle Data Cloud, wait for access, and overlay these audience targeting options on top of their geotargeting in order to extract important automotive insights like purchase windows and credit ratings.


(Or, to put it another way, it was a pain.)


Because of this, our development team has devoted many hours to creating tools that enable dealers to quickly and easily access all relevant audience data.


The Market Intelligence Report, our newest product for auto dealers, is now available!


How simple it is to create your own report and determine the number of In-Market Auto Shoppers in your region is demonstrated here:


The Market Intelligence Report Builder: How to Use

Visit to begin creating your Market Intelligence Report. and ask for immediate access to the no-cost builder.


Enter your dealership’s address, select your Primary + Secondary markets, then click “Get Results” to proceed.


You’ll discover crucial details regarding your dealership’s PMA right now, including:


Total Facebook Users, Total In-Market Auto Shoppers, User Demographics (Gender, Age), User Credit Score, Total In-Market Auto Shoppers  even when customers want to buy a car!

These data points can assist you in developing a data-driven Facebook Ad plan that will enable you to outperform your competitors and better understand your market.


Some of the hardest business tasks involve knowing, locating, and comprehending your target market.


“Spray and pray” campaigns have shown to be significantly less effective than a highly focused approach using a data driven analysis ever since the days of the digital marketing revolution.


You will have greater understanding of your target market after using the Market Intelligence Report, which will help you reach your PMA and sell more automobiles.


Click here to read more and get 4 campaign suggestions to make the most of your Market Report findings.


Have fun selling!

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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