Third Base Makes Scoring Easier

According to statistics, a runner has a lot more chance of scoring in a baseball game if they are on third base rather than first base. But shouldn’t this idea just make sense to you? No matter how many outs are left in the game, being on third base increases your chances of scoring over being on first or even second base.


There is nothing worse than a third baseman who mistakenly believes he hit a triple. I simplified the parallel for vehicle sales by breaking down the fundamentals:


Building value with a stroll around First Base Performing a product demo, in this case a demo drive, is known as second base. Showing the service department and discussing warranties at third base.

Over a thousand times in my life, I have preached this. “If you did not do the demo drive, your odds of scoring fall substantially down, just like a 12-year-old who missed reaching second base in a little league game. Period.”


In a little league game, the umpire will instruct you to run back and touch second base because you missed it as you circled third and headed home to score. Most of the time, you won’t score at all and will be kicked out. In sales, if you try to clinch a transaction without giving a terrific demo and rounding third, the customer will ask you to go back and do the demo. Again, you’re likely to be rejected because they want to learn more about and fall in love with the product. Going back to second base (the demo) provides the consumer with time to feel the pressure of you trying to sneak home because skipping second base (the demo) is not the natural path of a transaction. The result is that your chances of success decrease. This cannot be contested.


We adhere to the laws of sales as an agency that promotes opportunities and traffic for businesses. On third base with a consumer is where we want you. Without touching the other bases first, we do not want you on third base. We want you to be able to score more frequently and more easily. What does this mean for marketing? We must first define what the third base is in this scenario. In order to increase your chances of scoring with a customer, we need to figure out which stage of the advertising and sales funnel is equivalent to being on third base with no outs.


I’ll explain how we evaluate this. A lead to us is third base. We approach things a little differently as a Google Certified Partner and a full-service agency that manages both traditional and digital media. Many businesses, like ours, find it easy to get sucked into the metrics and analytics game. Tell your agency to leave first base if they approach you about your web sessions. Tell them to leave second base if they move on to conversions and a low bounce rate. If you don’t have a guy’s name, number, and email to follow up with after he visits your website, you can’t sell him a car. You have terrible chances of scoring—far worse than starting first. That would be like getting a hit but never even reaching first base.


“IN BASEBALL, LEADS ARE THE EQUAL OF A TRIPLE!” You can take charge and decide the score once you have a customer’s name and contact details. No, you won’t score every time, but the goal of the game is to score more frequently. My team at Dealer World focuses on advancing our clients as frequently as possible to third base. If you will, we are the leadoff hitter.


The only methods for counting leads that are equal to third base are as follows:


  • a stroll in

  • making a call

  • a completed and filed lead form

  • a lead text

  • An online chat platform


You can only use these plays. These are your options for scoring. Take the time to assess every aspect of your marketing, including your website’s conversion rate and the effectiveness of your online and offline advertisements. Make sure that your entire focus is on obtaining a lead in order to qualify for third base. You will sell more, score more goals, and earn more money if you are the top player on the pitch, I guarantee it.


Take a peek, just for fun, and you’ll notice that scoring percentages are everything. You should always be positioning yourself to score.

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