The Top Ten Telecom News and Trends

With new rules, fees, products, and trends, the omnichannel world of cloud voice and messaging is busier than ever. It’s sometimes simple to forget why we’re doing what we’re doing!


Therefore, this month’s industry briefing is a summary of the newest and finest information to keep you informed. SimpSocial, a webinar facilitator and SimpSocial veteran, discusses:


  • How UCaaS renders the desk phone obsolete (and makes it superior)
  • Important voice and messaging compliance dates are imminent
  • In addition, toll-free redundancy ensures that your calls are conveyed.
  • Text messaging is (still) the simplest method to effectively engage people.
  • Enable SMS on all of your numbers, particularly your toll-free ones.
  • Deactivate inactive message campaigns (or pay a fee).
  • Call cost vs. quality…
  • E911 is not either/or; there’s a better method
  • Three items to consider when selecting a voice and messaging provider


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