The Top 5 Moments to Make Your Dealership Experience Amazing

Provide customers with the Best Dealership Experience possible

Excellent customer service goes beyond “service with a smile.”

Dealerships must provide above-and-beyond service in a world that prioritizes the client experience if they want to keep customers coming back.


Making consumers feel appreciated and important to your business will ultimately result in excellent benefits for your dealership in the long run.


Consider a customer’s trip through the service department and the ways you may “wow” them at each stop as you strive to provide the best dealership experience.


1. After a client buys a new car

This could be a new customer’s first time working with your service department, and it could either be fantastic or a squandered chance. By establishing a handoff from your sales team to your support staff, you can set the stage for them to return later. Give them a tour of your service division to finalize the deal.


Other strategies for creating a wonderful experience at this point include:


* After they’ve made a purchase, send them a personalized thank you

* Show them how to schedule an appointment, or even better, book the first service visit when the car is delivered.

* Name a specific person who can reach your service division

2. When service is required

Next comes the crucial phase of getting ready for their first service visit. It is insufficient to presume that clients will return to your dealership for repairs. By being the one to notify them when it’s time for servicing, you can keep your dealership top-of-mind.


Communication is essential.


Make a brief call to them to remind them to come in for a visit from their service contact. You might also inform them by sending them an email, text message, or postcard.


Make it simple for customers to select your dealership once they realize it’s due for service. Make sure your website has a ton of details about the services you provide, including, if at all possible, your costs. Establishing your reputation with both present and new clients through price transparency.


When comparing dealerships, 81% of consumers feel it is essential to be able to find the costs of service and repair on the dealership’s website.


Online scheduling is another common request from clients. Once more, make it simple for customers to select your dealership and remove any obstacles. They could look elsewhere if making an appointment appears difficult.


3. When clients arrive for services

When trying to give your customers a good feeling, first impressions are essential. When customers enter your business, what or who do they see? Are they made to feel welcome right away, and are they greeted with a smile?


Always look for interesting ways to add a personal touch after the introduction. Keep a record of your interactions with the consumer, for instance, so you can refer to it when they return. If there are little things you can do to brighten their day or improve their dealership experience, you’ll be well on your way to gaining a devoted following of clients.


4. While clients are waiting

Make your customers’ waits as pleasant as you can. To keep service clients entertained, waiting spaces at dealerships typically feature comfy chairs, entertainment, and snacks. Consider all possible improvements to their experience. Or even better, query them! While they wait for their service, what do they anticipate?


or do away with the delay entirely. For some dealerships, this may entail picking up or dropping off clients’ vehicles once they come in for service. Make the most of what you have to give your customers the best possible experience throughout this waiting period.


However, no matter how well-decorated your waiting area is, it won’t matter if your clients don’t feel informed while they wait. Keep them informed of the schedule for their maintenance throughout the visit, and be clear with them if there are any delays. If there is poor communication or no updates given to consumers during their service, even the most comfortable waiting area won’t satisfy them. Make it clear to your service personnel that this communication is expected and important.


5. Post-service

At this point, “wow” your clients by describing the services you provided and demonstrating your dedication to them rather than an upcoming upsell.  Ask your service representatives to go over the work that was completed, the reasons it was necessary, and any potential recommendations for the upcoming visit.


Although upselling can be a significant source of revenue for your service department, you should always put your client’s needs first. You don’t want to lose out on ongoing relationships by requiring your clients to do more maintenance because they have long-term value.


Ask them to complete a customer survey before they depart, and reassure them that your staff values their input and makes adjustments as a result. Always be sincere and use their suggestions to make the dealership experience better.

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