The Top 5 Car Wash Chains for 2023

Currently, the US car wash business accounts for around 43% of the global car wash market, with a total market size of $14 billion. Each state has an average of 1,200 car wash locations, making the market fiercely competitive and dispersed.


The top 5 car wash franchises in the US are shown below. There are a few significant franchise companies in this market, ranging from completely automated vehicle washes to mobile services.


1. Fleet Clean USA is a franchise that washes commercial vehicles; it is based in Henderson, Nevada. It is a component of one of the biggest mobile fleet cleaning businesses in the United States, including pressure washing, interior steam detailing, exterior washes, and trailer washouts. Its franchisees provide completely functional washing machines to the offices or other locations of their clients.


Fleet Clean USA washes anything from 18-wheelers to buses to delivery trucks to golf carts, and it caters to a wide range of clients, including companies that have fleets of vehicles.


 Founded in 2009, Fleet Clean USA started franchising in 2013. It has expanded to 53 locations by the end of 2022, 44 of which were US franchises.


Fleet Clean USA has grown over the years by positioning itself in the highly sought-after and less competitive sector of mobile fleet washing. The company does this by working with a network of dealers who possess excellent leadership qualities and a strong drive for business success.


2. Based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, No-H20 is a franchise that offers waterless carwashing and detailing services.


Emmet O’Brien founded No-H2O in 2007. The company uses waterless solutions and on-demand carwash technology to safely remove severe road filth and light dirt films from the outside, glass, and interior of all kinds of vehicles.


No-H20 started franchising in 2012, and by the end of 2022, it had 14 franchises in the US and 17 operational sites.


With its proprietary detailing and carwashing app and a revolutionary on-demand business strategy that has been validated in European countries since 2016, No-H20 has completely changed the carwash and detailing industries. It provides franchise owners with an easy-to-use, environmentally friendly methodology to create various revenue streams in the places they run.


3. The main office of the car wash chain Prime Car Wash is located in Noblesville, Indiana.


For all kinds of automobiles, it provides comprehensive exterior and interior car washing and detailing services.


When Prime Car Wash was established in 2012, its founders aimed to create a company that produced robust cash flow while striking a balance between risk and reward. It started franchising in 2019 and as of right now, there are eight franchised stores in the US, with more to come.


Prime Car Wash gives its franchise owners the chance to develop a company that provides consumers with an expedited wash along with the choice of extra services, like interior detailing, through its “Flex Service Car Wash” concept.


4. Based in Durham, North Carolina, Spiffy is a franchise offering technology and services through mobile apps. It provides full car care services, including oil changes, hand car washing, tire repair and replacement, and preventative maintenance, all with 100% zero contact.


Karl Murphy and Scot Wingo founded Spiffy in 2014 with the goal of providing fleets and individuals with eco-friendly and convenient car care. By 2022, it had expanded to 13 franchisees and 35 company-owned locations in the US after it started franchising in 2020.


Spiffy is a technology-driven, environmentally conscious franchise that offers a unique selling point: franchise owners and clients can easily schedule, monitor, and pay for cleaning and maintenance services via the Spiffy website, mobile app, or Android or iPhone app.


In the over $14 billion car care business, the Spiffy franchise is an excellent investment opportunity with possibilities for franchisees who are passionate about reimagining the auto care experience in an eco-conscious and innovative atmosphere.


5. Tommy’s Express is a network of expert car wash providers committed to giving franchisees a chance to succeed in the vehicle maintenance sector.


The franchise runs opulent vehicle wash facilities with services like tire shine and wheel washing, underbody cleanse and spot-free rinse, and Tommy Guard® and Ceramic Body Wax®.


Its current headquarters are in Holland, Michigan, where it was established in 1969. Tommy’s Express started its franchising journey in 2016 and presently operates 147 locations across the United States.

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