The Round-the-Clock Digital Showroom: An Actual Buyer’s Actual Deal

It’s becoming more and more obvious that a dealership’s website is an extension of its showroom rather than the other way around. Even in the middle of the night, the point of sale is shifting to where the customer is.


When assessing the consumer experience as a whole, it’s easy to draw conclusions, but the actual insights come from looking at individual customer journeys. This is an actual instance of a customer using the SimpSocial platform to shop on a dealership website.


Gregory, a prospective buyer of a used Ford Fusion, uses his smartphone to access the website of a Connecticut-based dealer after one in the morning. This is what transpired next:


And that’s it, my friend. Gregory drafted his own arrangement down to the last detail, sought and was approved for finance, completed the deal, and arranged for the car to be delivered in a mere eighteen minutes. Many hours after the actual showroom had closed for the evening, all via his phone.


Not every client will act in this way. The majority won’t even complete the purchase process online, therefore your dealership needs to provide the resources to enable clients to work as much from home or on the go as they choose.


Significant conclusions:


Real-time firm credit offers enable you to close a real deal while you’re asleep.


Once they begin, some shoppers will lose interest and become sidetracked. Quick Quote is a solution that allows your dealership to automatically send out remote deals to customers, allowing them to pick up where they left off and re-engage them 24/7.


Lender financing should be simple enough for customers to grasp, free from dealership interpretations, allowing them to choose the best credit offer.


Are you prepared to meet the customer where they are at your dealership? Contact us right now to arrange a demo if you’d like to find out more about how SimpSocial may assist you in providing genuine offers in real-time.

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