The Positive Aspects of Dealership Text Software It is nearly 2023. Quite bizarre, right?

Consequently, the Internet is nearly 33 years old (based on the date that the first authentic web page went live in 1990).


The Internet has evolved in ways we could never have envisaged over the past few decades, and businesses now use the Internet and related technologies as an integral part of their sales process and lead generation.


Modernize Your Automobile Dealership with Text Messaging

The automobile dealership industry has successfully adopted and implemented digital tools and services. Still, there is always room for improvement when it comes to car dealerships’ intuitive features that enhance customer service, generate leads, and boost sales.


As the internet has gotten faster and customer lives have gotten busier, it is expected that businesses will communicate with customers more quickly and facilitate their busy, flexible schedules. As time passes, an increasing number of consumers opt for text messages for initial contact or when addressing a concern.


This holds true even for automobile dealerships.


Meeting customers where they are and prioritizing simple customer communication can help car dealerships acquire more clients.


One of the simplest and most prevalent modes of communication in use today? Text communications!


Your Automobile Dealership Can Benefit from Text Messaging

As previously stated, modern consumers are more preoccupied than ever. In addition, as a result of the unprecedented pandemic, customers have grown acclimated to the convenience of text messages and to receiving advertisements via text message marketing. Text messages are preferred to phone conversations.


How much do clients appreciate business texting? According to a study by Juniper Research, global mobile business messaging traffic will reach $2.7 trillion in 2020, an increase of 10% over 2019.


These staggering numbers portray a clear picture of the sentiment of customers communicating with businesses via text messages and engaging more on mobile devices.


While buying a car from an auto dealership isn’t quite the same as buying clothes or other items from Amazon, your website visitors (and any new consumers) may be further along in the sales funnel and are evaluating how your team communicates before proceeding.


Three Ways Your Automobile Dealership Can Benefit From Dealership Texting Software

Implementing a text messaging platform can be a game-changer for modern car purchasers, who may be hesitant to visit car dealerships too early in their customer journey.


They feel at ease texting because they can respond manually at their leisure, and the modern consumer requires as much convenience as possible.


Here are three effective ways your auto dealership can begin to use messaging.


Text messaging as a means of communication for the sales team.

We are aware that the sales team’s objective is to get prospective customers into auto dealerships and their showrooms, but not all customers are prepared to do so.


Whether it’s through your sales team’s business phones provided by your auto dealer or automotive group, or if you already have a messaging platform in place that helps with inbound lead generation, car sales text messages can be a great ice-breaker communication option for those high to mid-funnel in their car search, resulting in more sales.


According to a 2020 study by Cox Automotive Research & Market Intelligence: “…Most people are in the “market” for a vehicle for an average of 89 days…” (source: Not all consumers are eager to visit your auto dealership immediately or engage in phone tag with sales representatives.


However, once you’ve established trust with your car-shopping customers, your dealer text solutions can increase their enthusiasm for a new or used vehicle, even if they are still early in the purchasing process.


Utilizing SMS message service reminders.

SMS messaging is also useful for sending service reminders (e.g., scheduled texts or automated reminders) to consumers from your service department.


Appointment reminders for an oil change would be greatly appreciated, given the hectic lifestyles of modern customers, as previously stated.


In addition, you can use bulk texting/bulk SMS or text reminders as text marketing to sweeten existing appointments with eligible consumers and automatically deliver discount codes to generate additional service business (and revenue!).


These types of service reminders and automated texts can encourage customer loyalty and make your service experience memorable for future visits. Repeat customers equals increased profits!


Having a messaging platform that supports SMS and texting.

As the world becomes more mobile and social, businesses must adapt accordingly. The auto industry and its retail division are comparable.


Customers of automobile dealerships must be met where they are in terms of how they interact with the world for customer retention to be effective. Granted, many car dealerships loose sight of this because their primary objective is to schedule appointments or physical visits.


When a client begins a vehicle search, they hop from site to site conducting what are essentially “vibe checks” on car dealerships (if you’re familiar with such jargon).


They want to know who is listening, learning about them in a meaningful manner, and accommodating them the most in terms of communication, and nothing is more convenient than texting.


Because of this, it is essential for auto dealerships to have a dealer text software platform that supports messaging for sales associates and/or service advisors.


This can be a boon for your car sales team, who can send texts to interested customers, and for your service team, who can remind customers of forthcoming appointments and specials to encourage them to continue receiving service at your dealership.


Enhance Customer Satisfaction at Automobile Dealership Texting Application

In addition to the aforementioned recommendations, car dealers can send customer satisfaction surveys via text message as an easy method for customers to provide feedback. Text makes it simple for customers to provide feedback after receiving a service, which benefits both parties. You can offer them a coupon for a percentage-off service in exchange for positive publicity. Both parties gain!


Dealership texting software enables your dealership website to earn more sales, more deals, and demonstrate to your customers that you are willing to develop trust and a working relationship with them before rushing them into the dealership and potentially frightening them! For automobile dealerships, the key to fostering long-term consumer loyalty is an exceptional customer experience.


Leave Phone Calls Behind with Text Messaging from Auto Dealers

Text marketing and email marketing cannot be the only means by which you instill trust in and entice potential customers; text enabling your sales team to accommodate customers is a fantastic way to begin building a trustworthy working relationship that eases customers down the sales funnel.


SimpSocial can assist you in doing so!


Obtain the Most Effective Dealer Text Support with SimpSocial

With a rock-solid and dependable messaging platform that supports “EZ texting”, you can have fantastic conversations with curious customers that make them feel good about working with your auto dealership and encourage them to visit your showroom or service drive sooner. Imagine personal messaging applications for your consumers!

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