The new TV commercials are social videos.

How many millennials are still using cable, to your knowledge? Younger generations are shifting their attention away from traditional media like television and more toward streaming and social media. This implies that you’re losing out on a whole generation of viewers if you’re not promoting videos on social media!


You would be restricting your influence in addition to missing out on huge audiences of potential clients. According to studies, media users view content that could affect their decision to buy a product or visit a website for more than 15 hours each week. You can be missing out on potential revenue if your material is not consumed during the typical 15 hours per week. The ability of a consumer to make decisions in the product/service market is greatly influenced by videos. According to a recent survey, more than 64% of customers said they watched a video about the business or product they were considering before making a purchase. A lack of video material shouldn’t cause your dealership to lose out on web traffic at all.


Despite the many advantages of social media video content, we are aware that making the actual material can be challenging. Knowing this, we’ve made it simple for our SimpSocial clients to produce original videos. In one of our packages, we include a feature called 3-2-1 Video, which allows users to record videos by simply following the app’s instructions. Once the video has been recorded, it is uploaded to our servers so that our team of highly qualified editors can add their unique spin and make the video appealing to viewers. Get your game on, and don’t miss out on prospective audiences or online traffic.

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