The new eBay is SHOPIFY,” says master investor Ian Dunlap

Nearly everyone sleeps with one of the greatest companies in the world. Shopify is the new eBay, and Stripe will be the new Paypal—I realize this is a popular take.


One of the most underappreciated businesses is Shopify, yet they were able to demonstrate their strength in the stock market in 2020.


These are my top ten reasons for loving Shopify, which was chosen as one of the best businesses for the Red Panda Stock Club last year.


1. The new eBay is Shopify.



2. Out of all US stocks, it ranks in the top 15.



3. Among the simplest venues for entrepreneurs to use to market and sell their goods and services



4. Their margins are healthy and their profits are favorable.



5. Because everyone was growing in the year 2021, it was their year with the biggest revenue growth.



Six. They outperform their rivals: Wix, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce



7. They have $3.5 billion in the last 12 months, a 99.6% increase.



8. Their income has grown at a 70% CAGR over the last five years.



9. A 135% increase in Shopify payments processed



10. Shopify’s return on investment (ROI) is currently up 5,056.62%, and given that it is an IPO, it may rise to 9,032.4% over the next ten years.

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