The Most Common One-Word Terms in Car Buyer Queries are Listed Below

By comprehending the search habits of automobile buyers, you may lay the groundwork for an efficient digital marketing approach. To determine the demands bringing visitors to our network of over 200 dealers around the country, we recently examined more than 10 million search queries.


We provided some information regarding the impact of query length and intent on impressions and then provided some advice for utilizing that knowledge.


Today, let’s go one step further.


We observed that a small number of one-word keywords appeared in the biggest number of search impressions across a significant portion of those searches.


Just to be clear: On the list, you’ll notice words like “make” and “geo.” These are catch-all phrases for what we find in particular searches.


We refer to automobiles by their “make” rather than by their individual car brands.

All of the primary [city], [state], and combinations of our dealership network are now referred to as “Geo”.

a list of the top two keywords, as represented by their two-word equivalents

Do You Include These Basic Keywords?


Check the text on your website and in your marketing materials to determine if it includes those keywords and, where appropriate, the right SEO features.


To get you started, consider the following questions:


  • Are there MRPs available for your top vehicle models?

  • Are you utilizing your location?

  • Are your URLs organized properly?

  • Do you offer leasing and service pages?

  • Have you updated your directories?

  • Do these kinds of terms appear in your paid search campaigns?


If the majority of these questions are answered “no,” you might want to talk with your agency or internal department.


We provide data analysis of this kind for our business partners. In fact, we’ve done similar keyword analysis for every pair of words—two, three, four, and five—that influences our tactics. Although we are unable to divulge precise data, we use it to develop strategies that have led to record highs for several of our clients.


Make sure your marketing vendor is paying for itself by conducting audits and reviews to bring the most traffic and leads to your business. We invite you to get in touch with us for a free digital analysis if you’re interested in further audits and data points.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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