The Internet is Changing Can You Say That Your Company Is Keeping Pace?

Nowadays, the internet is a part of almost everything we do, and promoting your business is no exception. It certainly makes the most sense to make the most of the internet in order to reach the largest audience and, more crucially, your target customers. But how is it possible when the internet is evolving so quickly in front of our very eyes? This manual will teach you everything you need to know about the most recent developments on the internet and how to make the most of them to grow your business. Let’s begin by taking a quick look at the most current developments on the internet!


The Shortest Possible History of Internet Evolution

There is no denying that the internet is evolving. Hundreds of thousands of new online pages and ways to interact with them are added every day. About 15 years ago, internet users had to physically type their inquiries into search engines like Google and Bing while seated at a computer.


Later in this time period, prospective consumers and customers might conduct these searches from locations other than their home computer lair by using mobile laptops. The online procedure stayed the same, though.


While more than 95% of Americans have traditional cell phones, more than 80% now own and use smartphones. Around 37% of smartphone owners, according to Pew Research Center research from June 2019, “now go online mostly using a smartphone.”


Going where your consumers are is an age-old business strategy that is now being applied to mobile marketing. The final truth is that you must embrace mobile marketing if you want your company to remain competitive.


How to Win Tomorrow’s Internet Marketing Competition

Mobile marketing is currently the single most crucial factor to take into account when using Internet marketing. The likelihood that the customer you’re attempting to reach will view your website via a smartphone rather than a desktop computer has already been discussed.


You should optimize your website so that it appears just as excellent on a mobile device as it does on a computer in order to connect with as many potential clients and consumers as you can. Utilize these useful strategies to maximize your mobile marketing strategy:


Make your website responsive to mobile devices.

Your responsive website should look just as good on a tiny vertical screen as it does on a huge horizontal one. This includes formatting it so that elements like drop-down menus work properly, the font sizes are accurate, and everything is appropriately layered.


2. Adhere to best practices for SEO.

Search engines will function in the same manner on a desktop or laptop as they would on a smartphone, even if many of your potential customers and clients may view your company’s website from one. You should therefore continue to use local SEO best practices. To enhance traffic and your rankings, keep using “near me” content and other local keywords.


3. Make use of text message advertising.

While text messages are still significant and can be helpful to your plan, cell phones are made to make it easier for you to access the internet via a web browser. Smartphone users will be able to visit your mobile site right away by clicking a link in a text message.


4. Take into account all search types.


Right now, entering a query into a search engine’s search box is the most popular method of conducting a search. However, the majority of smartphones come with technological tools that can hear and understand voice commands and speech searches. By including fully formed, long-tail keyword-packed inquiries like, “Where can I get an oil change near me?” in your content, you may optimize your website for voice search.


A Little Help, Please, Putting a Plan Together


In order to help our clients achieve their full online potential, we at SimpSocial actively follow the development of the Internet. We deliver retail traffic for each and every one of our clients using a range of techniques and tactics. Want some assistance growing your company? Contact us right now!

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