The instance when they lost a client is proof that details matter.

During a customer-focused break-out session at a recent seminar for company owners, a buddy heard a story that struck a chord with everyone in the room. She told me about that incident.


One of the women I worked with had just bought the car of her dreams, and she adored it. She obviously adored her car, but what really struck me was her account of the event. Salespeople at the dealership were all dressed in black. She had never seen anything like it before, but she liked the mood. The showroom was filled with upbeat, enjoyable music, and there was a festive atmosphere. They even draped a sheet over her brand-new vehicle, brought everyone into a room, removed the tarp to reveal the vehicle, and everyone applauded and praised her. It was flawless. She kept returning for two years, even making accessory purchases while she waited. Until her most recent visit…



Compared to her last visit, a significant difference had occurred. The sleek black attire had been swapped out for dress shirts that were ill-fitting and wrinkled. Bad yacht rock was played in place of the upbeat music, and there was a gloomy feeling overall. No one was grinning or looking people in the eyes. The previous night’s leftover pizza boxes were in the cube next to the split coffee, and there was coffee spilled on a desktop.



It goes without saying that she never returned because it sounded awful. A change in ownership of the dealership was unquestionably a setback. In addition to the glaring errors mentioned above, what distinguishes a loyal customer is:



How to retain a dependable customer



1) Communicate: Be sure to send messages that are pertinent. not simply the cost. Include any available product and service updates for your clientele.


2) Be Sincere: Prices occasionally don’t work or contract terms alter. Avoid misunderstandings by keeping your client informed about your progress and their position at each stage of the process.


3) Empathy: Keep in mind crucial information regarding your client’s requirements. Get a top-notch CRM and maintain notes.


4) Reward: Offer rewards and loyalty programs to your customers.


5) Keep in touch; recognize milestone anniversaries and birthdays; and provide pertinent business news.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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