The Influence of Bulk Text Messages on Your Clientele

The email was the cutting-edge technology that companies benefited from for years. Text messaging is the best new way to contact customers and interact with new leads rapidly, especially with the more recent introduction of bulk text messaging to customers and the most recent introduction of MMS messaging. Businesses still use email extensively, but only 1 in 5 emails are ever opened, compared to 95% of text messages, which are read within 3 minutes.

MMS texting is another excellent way to interact with leads and consumers because 91% of Americans always have access to a mobile device, and 81% of Americans are believed to own a smartphone.

Here are six explanations for why consumers prefer text messaging as their preferred form of communication.

  1. Although busy, people still have time to shop!

Consumers are okay with 75% of firms sending them SMS texts with deals, coupons, or promotions. Create a unique offer (MMS messaging) and optimize your website for mobile, as mobile is expected to account for the majority of online sales by 2021. This will make it simple for customers to shop, buy, and get their questions answered.

  1. Email is no longer what it once was.

A person normally sends at least 40 emails each day, and on average they receive 121 per day. Would you like to boost your engagement rate? Avoid being drowned in emails! Over 50% of Americans who have made online purchases have done so with a mobile device. 79% of Americans have done so. Use bulk SMS technologies to rapidly and easily contact those customers.

  1. Practicality.

With a single click on our phone, we can have groceries, food, small items, cars, books, TVs, furniture, and even cars delivered right to our door. Send a mass text message to customers with a “buy now” button, a picture of the goods, and a limited-time deal to create a sense of urgency.

  1. Boost good comments.

In 77% of cases, consumers are likely to have a favorable opinion of a business that offers SMS. After they’ve made a purchase from your business, text your pleased customers to ask them to leave a review. It’s quick, and 76% of people who are asked to do so will do so.

  1. Money is time.

Instead of emailing or calling a firm to make an appointment, 67% of customers would prefer to text. Your company can automate these chores by integrating AI text-to-chat tools into your Facebook page, website, etc., freeing up your crew to work on other projects.

  1. You’ll win over more of your clients.

Giving them more ways to communicate helps you appear good! Your company can be accessible and responsive to customers around-the-clock with AI chat, including text messaging. Your engagement rates could go up by eight times as a result. Your customers want to text, we promise.

Bonus Advice: Ensure that you have technology that can interact with customers who reply to your messages so they can quickly and simply get replies and move on to the next phase in the customer journey.

The addition of a new technological tool to any staff may be stressful, and texting every customer separately can be downright difficult, as SimpSocial is aware. Our customer engagement technologies, such as Power Text and AI-powered assistants, make it simple. By making it simple for customers to contact your company, make appointments, or obtain support, your business will boost engagement, sales, and favorable online reviews while also keeping clients pleased.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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