The Impact of SMS Services on the Retail Experience

Texting has long surpassed phone calls and email as the most effective means of communication, with more retailers using SMS services every year. In today’s society, people are practically linked to their mobile devices, and while many people are bothered by unsolicited phone calls, they don’t mind receiving the occasional text message.


The Most Recent Research


PSFK Labs’ The Power of Chat Debrief looked at how different brands are using digital communication platforms in a new report. The research focuses on SMS services in particular, and how brands are utilizing them to promote their services. Consumers may now purchase flights, gifts, and just about anything else that’s for sale via chat windows and the clicking of the “Send” button, which is one of the newest things businesses are working with.


Customers can use text-to-shop capabilities to make scheduled as well as impulse purchases directly from their phones.



Getting a Leg Up


SMS-based communication The usability of shopping is attracting the attention of both customers and businesses that cater to them. Magic, for example, is a service that fulfills any (well, maybe not any) request a customer has by sending a text. Users text the service for trips to the airport, Chinese food, or a hot beverage, and their orders are delivered within an hour. They aren’t even required to use an app.


This text-savvy concierge has since become a “middleman” for services like Instacart and Uber, delivering essential products and services without the inconvenience of using multiple applications at the same time.



Beyond the Imagination


Fooji, for example, is a similar service that allows New Yorkers to tweet an emoji representing the cuisine they want to the service. A single request puts the user’s data in the Fooji database, which the company can subsequently utilize to develop more personalized menu options and other useful features. Another service that allows inebriated subscribers to enjoy “out-of-the-box” purchase ideas is Drunk Shopping. When do these kinds of proposals appear? At 2 a.m. on Saturdays. To begin the shopping process, users text “heyyyyy” to the service.


Why Is It That Chat Is So Appealing?


The attractiveness of chat is connected to how familia3r users are with the notion, according to a 2015 Pew Research Center survey of American smartphone usage. This isn’t exactly surprising information, nor is the notion that younger individuals are better at using chat systems than their elders.

Payments that are more streamlined

Brands that employ SMS text message services are able to streamline the payment process while also delivering more personalized service and menu customization. It’s a win-win-win situation.

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