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You probably noticed a name change if your dealership actively utilizes the Google My Business (GMB) service.


In an effort to improve the web service’s capabilities for managing businesses, Google has relaunched GMB as Google Business Profile. The change was implemented immediately across all active accounts in November 2021 as part of a Google series of improvements, with other modifications anticipated in 2022.


Google Business Profile: What is it?


Businesses can have a stronger visual presence on Google with the help of Google Business Profile. Through Google’s internet services, like Maps and Search, the tool enables small businesses to create a brand profile.


Customers can access a company’s information via its Google Business Profile, which can help them locate your location, learn about your hours of operation, read reviews left by previous clients, and find out more about the services and goods you provide.


In addition, if you have a well-maintained Google Business Profile, Google will prioritize your firm in search results, increasing the likelihood that people will see your business favorably twice as much as they would someone who doesn’t.


What advantages does Google Business Profile have for your dealership?


Speak to us about creating a Google Business Profile for you if you don’t already have one. Investing in the service, which Google offers absolutely free of charge, has several advantages. Your dealership can be promoted through three key categories:


important business data. Share your website’s address, phone number, and location with Google, as well as your business’s opening and closing times.


Engage with your current clientele. Share details about your dealership, such as the most recent news, special offers, and brand images, and don’t forget to address customer feedback.


entice prospective new clients. Point potential clients to your website and the services you provide while promoting your dealership.


What distinguishes Google Business Profile from Google My Business?


With Google Business Profile, Google has improved the user experience to make it easier to utilize the service, depending on whether you have many company locations listed or just one.


Small companies will be urged to maintain their accounts directly on Google’s Search or Maps apps starting in 2022. This is due to the fact that as Google Business Profiles expand, they will increasingly support larger organizations and those with many locations.


The good news is that Google will provide Google Business Profile clients with new tools to better understand and improve their local search performance. In the future, Google Business Profile will allow US businesses to track information from incoming calls as well.


How can your Google Business Profile be improved?


We understand that it can be difficult to stand out online, especially if your dealership is tiny. Make sure your Google Business Profile is full and up-to-date if you want to improve your visibility on Google Search and Google Maps.


One of the best ways to guarantee that your dealership is viewed online for free is through your Google Business Profile. The management tool is made to present your company in a tidy and appealing way, utilizing a format that clients are accustomed to. Here are our best suggestions for enhancing your Google Business Profile:


Fill up your profile.


Even though it may be tempting to merely provide the bare minimum of details about your dealership, we advise that you meet the 100% completion rate in order to stand out to both current and potential new clients in your area.


Encourage client testimonials


Encourage any of your current clients who have enjoyed working with you to give your company five stars and write a positive review if they have. Positive feedback from a customer who has already decided to purchase a car from your dealership is the best kind of advertising.


elicit conversation and content


A wonderful way to communicate with customers and aid in their better understanding of your business is to post new and frequently updated content about your dealership. Customers can learn more about you through this content, whether it’s a picture of your showroom, a celebration of a customer picking up their new automobile, or a simple compliment for a member of your sales team.


Don’t forget to add a call to action.


Last but not least, always keep in mind to add a call-to-action at the end of each post to help your dealership. This may be a button to ask a question immediately, a link to your current offers, or a link to sign up for a newsletter.

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