The Full Potential of Your Dealership’s Phone Handling with AI

Leveraging the most powerful tool at your dealership – the phone – not only improves customer satisfaction but also allows you to capture more Sales and Service opportunities. Oftentimes managers don’t have enough time to listen to hundreds of calls to identify frustrated customers, review staff performance, and pinpoint missed opportunities. That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) steps in. More dealerships are turning to AI to optimize their phone processes, support everyday tasks, and enhance their technological capabilities. With the power of AI, managers can spend more time prioritizing high-quality leads, training staff, and dedicating themselves to improving customer experience. Here are three ways your dealership can adopt AI to optimize your phone processes.


Reach Potential Opportunities Faster


As spam calls continue to surge, dealerships need to protect their phone lines from flooding with fraudulent calls to make space for true Sales and Service opportunities. Spam calls can skew phone data, increase phone bill costs, and disrupt operations. An AI tool such as Spam Call Removal proactively detects and blocks spam calls before they even hit a dealership’s phone lines. This ensures valuable time is being spent pursuing legitimate business opportunities instead of sorting through fraudulent calls.


Capitalize on Existing Opportunities


Recapture customer calls that slip through the cracks by using Missed Opportunity Alerts. Leverage AI to review and analyze your phone calls and identify callers that require follow-up. When phone ups aren’t connected to a qualified agent, get booked for a soft appointment, or don’t receive an invitation to come into the dealership, AI detects these calls and sends an automated alert to a designated manager. This provides another chance to quickly salvage the otherwise missed opportunities. AI can provide even further insight into a caller’s experience by detecting their emotions on a call. Sentiment Detection analyzes callers’ tone of speech, cadence, rhythm, and volume to detect dissatisfied callers. For example, AI-powered Sentiment Detection will flag a frustrated caller and send an alert via text and/or email which can be included in your Missed Opportunities Alerts.


Gain Comprehensive Insight


AI provides enhanced reporting that can improve your staff’s phone performance. Voice Recognition identifies each agent’s unique voice pattern and automatically assigns calls to the agent who handled each phone opportunity. This tool boosts agent accountability and productivity with proper assignment of phone leads. Voice Recognition also provides opportunities for individual agent training and coaching. Furthermore, Sales opportunities are automatically assigned to the correct salesperson in CRM, which saves valuable time in managing your CRM.


As we look into the future, we know the phones aren’t going anywhere. It’s more important than ever to enhance your phone processes to give your staff the best possible chance to capture leads, improve their own performance, and provide an optimal customer experience.

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