The Fire Gets Fueled


When it comes to advertising on Meta, many automobile dealers are feeling left out in the cold as 2022 draws to a close. (Facebook). Let’s look at the causes for this.


Special Ad Audiences were established by Meta in 2019 to go along with the Special Ads Category’s new name. The Lookalike Audiences were replaced by the Special Ad Audience because they could no longer be used in the new category. Lookalike audiences were and are still a very effective strategy for broadening audiences and extending the reach of advertising to the right demographics. These audiences had the freedom to create, which is one more advantage.


Automotive dealers discovered that they were included in the new Special Ad Category in the fall of 2019 and were no longer able to target by zip code, age, or gender. They also had limited core targeting options and lost access to audiences that looked like them. The Special Ad Audiences were swiftly introduced by Meta as a fresh approach for the recently demoted industries. It enabled all of the advantages of a lookalike audience, including $O in creation costs. Everything appeared to be going according to plan until Meta stated in June 2022 that the Special Ads Audience would be sunsetting over the following few months as part of their agreement with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


The Automotive industry was once again left out in the cold by Meta’s decision. Since they can no longer create meaningful prospecting audiences, dealers must now rely mostly on regional targeting. As a result, dealers have prepared to change their approaches and have already begun to rely on their CM and DMS data to support their campaigns for the purchase and maintenance of new vehicles. This has effectively put an end to all of their targeted prospecting operations. Since consumers are more loyal to incentives and OEMs than to dealerships, these campaigns play a critical role in the total buying cycle in the car business.


SimpSocial has consistently sought out the greatest solutions for our clients and is constantly searching for those market-leading solutions and alliances. We assist you in defining and delivering your advertising and incentives to your audience using our SimpSocial system. The ideal and confidential audience is determined by our dealers. Our dealers have access to third-party data through the SimpSocial solution, which effectively creates an audience that is specifically targeted by the dealer’s social advertisements. Using either consumer or car registration data to generate audiences, our specialized audience-building tools enable us to create a wholly unique audience.


Brand, ownership type, make, model, and year are a few examples of alternatives for registration data that can be used to create the optimal audience. Custom audiences are created using consumer data and are based on a variety of demographic factors, including geography, interest, career, and many others. Your digital advertising will perform much better if you create SimpSocial unique audiences and pair them with a targeted messages.


In the end, SimpSocial has developed a solution for dealers that enables them to prospect and grow their audiences without having to rely on digital audiences of everyone in a 15-mile radius who can click an ad. You can send the appropriate message to the appropriate person at the appropriate moment with SimpSocial. You can be sure that SimpSocial will help you re-capture your precious local audiences by adding some fuel to your fire, or in this case, digital viewers.

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