The Evolution of Window Decals

Since their inception, window stickers have developed significantly. They were first made to educate car buyers, and they are still essential. Consumers now have even more convenience thanks to the recent addition of digital build sheets that are available via QR codes and website connections.


However, it may be argued that window stickers offer the most value in the current market to dealerships that know how to use the data. This is how I see window stickers in the future—as a source of information that will assist dealers in streamlining the car-buying process, better merchandising their inventory and assisting salespeople in closing more deals. Here is a list of the advantages that digital window stickers today offer.


Increase Your Inventory


An opportunity to trade in a used car presents itself, and the dealership only has one chance to get the appraisal right. You lose money if you appraise too highly. The customer will sell their automobile to another retailer if you value it too low.


It used to be rather simple to appraise a vehicle when the used car manager took his time to do a full vehicle check. Today, however, this procedure is unacceptable. A sizeable—and rising—proportion of customers demand an immediate quote over the phone or email. They are unwilling to bring their car to your dealership. For whom does that have time? In addition, several used car dealers provide online quotes. Guess who gets the car if you can’t do the same?


The appraisal manager needs data right away in order to properly traverse this new paradigm. The build sheet contains all the necessary data. The only issue is that this information is not readily available. If a person needs to use the internet to click on weblinks or download PDF files in order to receive the information they need, time becomes an issue.


To be relevant for this, window sticker data must be incorporated into the systems currently in use at your dealership, such as inventory management software. Once the data has been integrated, it can be quickly and readily retrieved, along with all the other details required to offer a quote.


Window sticker data gives purchasing managers the knowledge they require to make informed assessments in the following circumstances:


private acquisitions. Dealers’ efforts to acquire private parties have become increasingly active over the past two years. Data enables you to create a competitive offer when customers browse around for their cars without going over budget.


Trade-ins: More and more clients choose to begin the purchasing process online and avoid bringing their car in for an evaluation. You may swiftly compute offers while on the phone or by email, thanks to data.


Auctions: At auctions, used vehicle managers may spend a significant amount of time on the phone, waiting for a dealership representative to offer information so they can determine how much to bid. With integrated window sticker data, a used car manager only needs to scan a VIN with their inventory software to instantly get the window sticker data.


Service drive: The acquiring manager only needs to be aware of the VIN regardless of whether customers have an appointment for service or simply drop by. They can swiftly create thorough offers that accurately reflect the genuine value of the customer’s vehicle because they have all the information at their fingertips.


Instant access to window sticker data gives acquiring managers the confidence to know that the appraisal offered is right in the sweet spot, where the customer feels like they are getting a fair trade and your dealership still makes money—no more guessing games.


More car sales


For salespeople, digital construction sheets are very useful. It can be challenging to decide which attributes to stress in the sales process if you sell a Ford and a used Toyota shows up on the lot. Salespeople who have access to data are better able to educate both themselves and their customers.


Window stickers are an essential tool to help create value in the eyes of the client as more dealerships transition back to value selling. When a similar make and model is available for $2,000 less down the street, why would someone pay the asking price for your car? With instant access to the window sticker, salespeople can explain that the premium is due to an optional preferred package that the competition’s vehicle doesn’t have.


Integration is crucial once again. The data needs to be integrated with your dealership’s CRM in order to be useful. Your salespeople reside here. So much selling happens on the fly, whether customers show up on the lot or call on the phone. Without this integration, a salesperson may not have time to log into another system or click on web links. As most dealers know, if you don’t make it easy for your salespeople, it doesn’t always happen.


Products Made with Care


Window sticker information can also be utilized to precisely merchandise the used cars at your dealership. The more information you provide car shoppers, the more confident they feel about their decision to purchase from you. A written description can’t possibly fit all of the data included in a build sheet. In addition, consumers view build sheets from the OEM as a trusted source of information.


When data is used in merchandising, it can also help boost a used vehicle’s online profile. Imagine a car shopper who wants a certain make/model with a preferred package, such as an entertainment system. If you have inaccurate or incomplete descriptions, this important detail might be left out of the vehicle description. When a car shopper uses search terms that include their desired features, your vehicle might not even show up in their search results!


Window sticker data has always been valuable to consumers and the dealership, but the data has not always been available. Access to the right data is crucial for dealerships to gain a competitive advantage. Without equipment and option data, dealerships may miss out on opportunities, adopt a risk-averse approach, and overpay for unsuitable units. When integrated into your dealership’s current software systems, window stickers can help your staff acquire more vehicles, merchandise better, and sell more vehicles.

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