The Dealership Game of Risk: How to Win

You are losing out on one of the (objectively) best strategy games ever made if you are unfamiliar with Risk.


In the game Risk, the objective is to conquer the world, one territory at a time. The game goes on until one participant is declared the winner.


Sounds recognizable?


Dealerships aim to attract new clients, but the majority of marketing strategies might make this difficult. Additionally, the urge to conquer new territory may come at the expense of safeguarding your current clientele from switching allegiance to your rivals.


How can your dealership succeed in the Risk game? It all boils down to a conquest-retention balance in strategy.




Board of Territories and

Rarely will you immediately possess control over every territory in a given region.


Start by scanning your present territory for potential growth prospects and areas of vulnerability. Instead of using a radius, we advise using zip codes for your marketing targeting. Depending on your market, your clients might travel great distances rather than just from the nearby zip codes. You will have three smaller objectives and tactics for each zip code:


Retention: a situation you’ve already won but must work to maintain.

Conquest: The territory you must take from a rival.

Battleground: An area where several rivals are present but no one is in control.


You may identify the ideal customers to acquire, how to win each area, and where you run the risk of losing ground to the competition by conducting a deeper investigation of your market.


Armies: To conquer the board, armies are deployed to assault and defend territory. You gradually build up and rearrange your army as you conquer new lands, holding your position against rivals while doing so.


Your marketing efforts and channels are the infantry, the cavalry, and the artillery. To advertise sales and service discounts, dealership differentiators, OEM campaigns, and more, companies can employ digital advertising, email and direct mail, newsletters, and social media. You modify your plan to target additional segments as you effectively convert customers into sales or services.


Gaining new clients also necessitates changing your messaging to keep your dealership front of mind when they require a new car, an urgent repair, or routine maintenance


Without communication, your consumers become simple prey for rival service providers and dealerships. You find yourself suddenly without clients who would have served as the foundation of your company’s operations.



The number of defending armies and the outcome of the dice determine the outcome of territorial conflicts in Risk.


A player rolls two dice when they choose to defend their territory, while their opponent rolls three.


Ties favor the defense, but the highest roll wins. Your dealership will be able to escape a tie in both the conquest and retention wars thanks to your marketing. Whatever your point of differentiation, convince clients to choose you. Customers seek out dealerships that provide convenience, a perceived fair price, and an overall better experience, whether it be through reduced prices, quicker sales or servicing processes, after-sales bonuses, incentives, or other means.


Let’s evaluate the plan.

A good approach should concentrate on both conquest and retention.


Customer churn rates have been rising to over 50% over the past few years, so you must do everything in your power to keep half of your current customers and find a way to replace the other half. You must target your conquest marketing strategically to replace those lost consumers, especially because the average closing rate for conquest customers is only 5–20%.


When you do manage to win over a new sale or service customer, you need to get to work right away on keeping them. To keep the clients you earn, you will always need to promote retention—especially when they are still targets in your competitors’ strategies.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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