The Convenience of e-Signing!

How using digital signing allows your dealership to serve a wider range of consumers better


Digital Contracting with eSigning has developed into a useful tool for dealerships to offer superior service to meet a range of customer needs over the past few years. There is an eSigning scenario to enable a customer to finish their deal in the manner they like, whether they are patient or hurried, in the dealership or distant.


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All Set to Go


This customer is ready to leave the dealership as quickly as possible after taking their test drive and finishing their discussions. A pen in their hand and a mountain of paperwork in front of them are the last things they need. The process is completed considerably more swiftly with eSigning.


“eSigning is at least 30 minutes faster than paper,” claims Max Tiraboschi, financial manager of Foundation Automotive of Wichita Falls. You sign once, then tap to sign the remaining paperwork. When our consumers are prepared to sign and go, it improves their experience and helps us finish strong.


A way down the road


Remote signing can allow dealerships with customers who are in remote areas or are otherwise far away to enable off-site delivery. A truck buyer who works from sunrise to sunset during harvest season might not be aware that his deal documents can be securely emailed to him for him to examine and sign on his phone, but he will undoubtedly appreciate it!


At Once in Two Places


There are several reasons why a signer and co-signer might be unable to meet in person to complete the transaction. A parent might co-sign for a child attending college, working couples might struggle to coordinate time off, or a co-signer might simply feel under the weather the day the deal is closed. Remote signing saves the day in each of these scenarios. There is no need for specific arrangements or mailing documentation that could delay deal completion because everyone can sign on their own device.


Security minded


Given the recent high-profile data breaches, it makes sense that many consumers are being extra careful. The legally necessary eSign Disclosure and Consent is the first of many comforting security measures that eSigning delivers to car buyers worried about the security of their personally identifiable information (PII). eSigning is made to encrypt data and restrict access to it, whether it’s a multifactor authentication email link for remote signature or secure device pairing in-store. For further security, the dealership has access to a record of the signing’s audit.


Wide-ranging Reader


It is not necessary to be an attorney for a car buyer to desire to read and comprehend each piece of paperwork before signing. However, signing manual documentation may make many clients feel hurried. Customers have the option to hold the signing device and look through the digital papers on their own time, with less pressure, with both in-person and distant eSigning.


Physical Difficulties


For a consumer who has trouble reading “fine print” or frequently signs on paper, eSigning can be useful. Since you only need to sign your name a few times as opposed to a hundred, the majority of our clients prefer it, according to Jonathan Bowling, variable operations director at Liechty Automotive Group. The ability to hold the tablet and actually zoom in and make the text bigger so that they can read it makes it more useful for our elderly consumers. And they greatly profit from that.


Regardless of the customer’s prior experience with digital technology outside of the dealership, the ability to magnify the text can make the signing process much easier for anyone.


Once and for all


It’s safe to say that no customer wants to have to return to the dealership after they thought they were finished dealing with a missed signature. With eSigning, this issue is completely solved because the signer is unable to proceed without putting each required signature in place. The finance manager at Acura of Laurel, Victor Hong, says, “We like having lender documents automatically generated for eSigning, and that it also shows you where to sign next, so you don’t miss signatures.”


Customers can be sure that they have finished signing with the single ceremony, and the dealership doesn’t run the danger of hurting its CSI scores by scrambling to get one final signature or renegotiating the contract.


Using eSign to Its Full Potential at Your Dealership


In the end, using eSigning shows clients that your dealership is current with technology and that you are concerned about their convenience. By having tablets linked and prepared for in-store signature each morning and enabling remote signing for customers who can utilize it, you can integrate eSigning into your daily process.


Download the Best Practices Guide for eSigning and Dos, Don’ts, and Tips for Signing Your Deal to keep on hand for reference if you need more advice on how to take advantage of eSigning opportunities to benefit your clients.

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