The Complete Manual for 360-Degree Virtual Car Tours

Retailing in the modern vehicle sector is moving more and more toward the Internet. If you have the right gadget in your pocket, you can find new consumers online. The Car Virtual Tour—and not just any tour, but a 360° Car virtual tour—is one tool that is becoming increasingly popular at online car dealerships. It’s a modern method for clients to view the car’s specifications in a virtual setting.


Some of you might be unfamiliar with the term “car virtual tour,” but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


What Is a 360-Degree Car Tour?

A 360-degree virtual tour of a car’s interior or exterior is a cutting-edge simulation created from video or still photos that are then edited using artificial intelligence (AI). A customer can interact with and examine the car virtually through this digital experience. The car can be examined in depth from every angle by the purchaser. If one’s objective is to improve the client experience, it provides them with a significant competitive edge.



360° Virtual Tour of Car


How Customer Experience may be Improved with Car 360 View

A 360-degree virtual tour is a creative way to draw visitors to your website and keep them there. In the past, anyone interested in purchasing an automobile had to go see the owner in person and then look at the vehicle. But as the internet has grown in popularity as a tool, customers increasingly demand instant access to everything. Similar to this, if someone is interested in an automobile, they want all the information presented digitally and on a screen. A 360-degree virtual automobile tour can be useful in this situation.



How 360-degree car views improve user experiences


A customer can virtually take a 360-degree car tour from the comfort of his or her home. The consumer doesn’t even need to be there to view the car’s details—they just need to slide or click. A virtual tour of a car’s interior might give the buyer the impression that they are physically evaluating the vehicle. As a result, the decision for the buyer to acquire a test drive or not becomes simpler and quicker. Additionally, it improves the aesthetics and interaction of the website, which helps users feel more at ease and engaged.


In conclusion, customers will experience increased personalization and transparency through their screens.


Making a 360-degree car view for your website

You must take pictures of your car from all appropriate angles in order to obtain that 360-degree car perspective for the website. The entire process might be time-consuming, so you might want to seek the advice of a seasoned photographer. Two types of this entire process are possible:


1. Outside


2. Inside


For Your Website: A 360-Degree Car View


Let’s first see how to obtain a 360-degree exterior car view:


1. Locate a suitable studio.

You need room to take pictures of a car. You can either utilize a garage, a warehouse, or a studio that will give off a polished appearance. Finding an automobile photography studio in your area is preferable so that you won’t have to worry about unflattering backgrounds.


The Turntable

You can now ask the photographer to capture pictures from various angles, or you can construct a turntable to make the job easier.


3. Quality cameras and photographic gear

It goes without saying that you need a high-quality camera and lighting equipment for automotive photography because you have to take pictures. Make sure the camera and other equipment are in the proper location at the appropriate moment.


Background 4.

Make sure your background gives the car a polished, attractive appearance. Customers will pay greater attention to a clean, professional-looking background. After taking the photo, you can also erase the background, but it will require more time and work.


5. Following Photography

After completing all of your photography tasks and taking the necessary pictures, you must edit the images properly to complete the project. To do this, you may need to use programs like Adobe Photoshop.


How to Take 360-Degree Interior Car Photos

If a 360-degree inside shot of the vehicle is not included, the virtual tour will be lacking. When compared to car exterior photography, car interior photography operates differently.


Tips for 360-degree car photography


1. Lighting is essential.

Exterior illumination can be relied upon for exterior photographs, but not for interior photographs. Attach some LED lights inside and provide steady lighting to capture a panoramic shot in a crowded area without having the photographs get hazy.


2. Eliminate the superfluous

Keep the automobile tidy if you don’t want the clients to see the Starbucks coffee cup that is in the cupholder.


3. Present the attributes.

The most important interior features must be displayed in a 360-degree virtual car tour in order to be effective. So be mindful that the lighting is appropriate and the photographs are clear and stable.


Tips to Take Great 360 Images of a Car There are several guidelines you must adhere to whether you are taking exterior or interior shots.


1. Lighting modifications

A car’s surfaces can change and are dynamic. Some cars’ bodies will shimmer, while others may exhibit various types of reflections. As a result, change the lighting based on the vehicle and the area of the vehicle you are photographing. Therefore, ensure that your lighting is adequate and change it as necessary.


2. Adjusting the camera’s angle

In order to get a 360-degree image of a car, the height and angle of the camera are key factors. It’s crucial to take pictures from the right angles for a 360-degree virtual tour of a car, and from each aspect, the camera needs to remain steady to avoid taking any fuzzy pictures.


Including a 360-degree car view on your website

You already know that including a 360-degree automobile, tour will pique clients’ interest in and immersion in your website. Your ability to generate 360-degree car pictures will be useless if you can’t use them on your website. These actions will be of use to you:


1. Pick a 360-degree viewer

You must include a viewer so that clients can engage with 360-degree material on your website after you have generated a seamless 360-degree car tour view. A-frame and Pannellum are two common choices. Nevertheless, pick the option that best fits your website.


2. Make the viewer a part of your website.

After selecting your viewer, you must integrate it using JavaScript, HTML, or CSS. You might require the services of a web developer for such work.


3. Make the material better.

Due to the use of large photos, 360-degree content might be burdensome for the website and eventually cause it to lag. Use a video codec that can properly compress 360-degree automobile view material or compress the photos to avoid these issues.


4. Incorporate Extra Purpose

You can add hotspots to your 360-degree car viewer to enhance the user’s immersive and interactive experience by clicking on them to access more information.


5. Examining

After adding a 360-degree automobile view to your website, don’t forget to test it to see if it works properly across all browsers.


Easily create a 360-degree car view on WordPress

It’s simple and straightforward to add 360-degree automobile images to a WordPress website. To make your WordPress website function, you can add several tools.


The plugin “algori 360 images” is one that you can include. It is a free WordPress plugin that expands the block editor with a new block.


First, install and turn on the plugin. There is no need to configure the plugin before using it.


Step 2: Navigate to the page where the 360-degree content will be posted. ‘360 picture’ can be entered by clicking the ‘+’ button and starting to type. Click the right block when it appears to add it to the page.


Visit the media library in step three. From the collection, choose 360-degree photos, or upload a fresh file from your PC. You will see the image in the post editor after a short while.


Step 4: Upload it or publish it.



Viola! You now have a virtual 360-degree tour of your own car on your website. You could be thinking that it costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time to photograph and edit photographs for a seamless 360-degree automobile perspective. It may take time and require some investment from your end, but what if we told you there was a much better way—one that would require less time and money while still producing quality—and that you could use instead?


AI and a smartphone are the solutions.


SimpSocial’s expertise in digital imaging and automotive photography makes it considerably simpler to generate 360-degree virtual tours of cars. You won’t need a professional photographer or a studio. It can automatically erase the background and provide you with a virtual car studio so you can take professional-looking automobile shots. Our AI will handle the work for you at SimpSocial. All you need is a smartphone camera and our app.


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