The Best Solution for Automotive Merchandising

Are we exaggerating when we refer to our platform as the finest for car merchandising? Absolutely not! Dealerships can expedite their automobile marketing process at a reasonable cost by using SimpSocial, an AI-based car photo editor. By doing away with the trouble of hiring expert auto photographers, cameras, and production setups, SimpSocial streamlines and accelerates the process of creating vehicle display pages and cataloging.


Without spending money on a crew of assistants, you can take high-quality car photos using SimpSocial’s innovative and contemporary solution. Of course, automated image editing is a bonus as well.


For the greatest car merchandising solution, all you need is a smartphone with a working camera. Even more intriguing is that the SimpSocial AI smartphone app offers guided photo shoots where all you have to do is align the automobile with the overlays on the screen and take snapshots. The remainder is handled by the app.


The Use of SimpSocial’s AI Solutions Has Benefits


You gain the following benefits from using SimpSocial as an automotive merchandising solution:


Receive automatically edited car photos once the photo shoot is over.


To give the final product a realistic feel, add shadow effects to the floor and the backdrop.


For your car, select from more than 100 professional backdrops, including indoor and outdoor settings, as well as the opportunity to submit your own creative backgrounds!


Create a studio turntable out of the floor, or simply use SimpSocial’s backdrop removal tool to remove distracting things.


In order to get rid of reflections and shadows on the glass, tint can also be added to windows and windscreens.


Mask license plates to safeguard your customers’ privacy.


Increase brand recognition by including the emblem of your dealership in the image.



Isn’t it too good to be true? Try out our AI photo editor for yourself to see if what we say about it holds true.


SimpSocial is a leader in advancing the digital transformation of the automobile retail sector and providing cost-effective automotive solutions. We are aware of how crucial it is to make visually appealing VDPs and vehicle listings for automotive retailing. Additionally, you cannot expand your dealership business to digital platforms if you cannot persuade customers to make a purchase from you. You need high-quality pictures and videos for this.


Social media accounts of celebrities are no longer the only places to find 360-degree spin videos. Social media auto pages are actively using them to present cars in a more descriptive and engaging way. Visual appeal still has the highest value and is the most professional-looking in the automotive industry. The secret to corporate credibility, client acquisition, and sales is HD imagery!


Using automobile merchandising from SimpSocial, you can broaden your audience, boost sales and engagement, and gather more leads.





In the automotive sector, the competition is fierce. Therefore, in order to continue operating, dealers and sellers must create effective, dynamic, and pertinent strategies. There isn’t much that can be done without automotive marketing, and your rivals eventually catch up to you.


One of the top automotive software solutions, SimpSocial AI, consistently produces high-quality results. No matter how many photos are taken or processed using the app, this is true. With SimpSocial’s effective approach, hundreds of photos can be edited in an hour without sacrificing the excellent standards we’ve promised. We are the innovators of comprehensive vehicle solutions because of this.

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