The Best Cleaner for Tires

Allow your wheels to tell the story.


The purpose of tire cleaner is to remove mud, filth, and stains from tires. Tire cleansers are more effective at hiding rubber cracks to improve the look of your wheels than general-purpose car soap. Discover more about tire cleanser and our favorite selections below.


Reasons for Using a Tire Cleaner


Why is tire cleaner considered unique? Numerous pollutants, such as brake dust, filth, dirt, and loose stone, can be removed by it. These can accumulate over time and make your tires appear worn and, to be honest, unsightly. Although a typical auto soap may be able to remove dirt and mud, it is not as effective as tire cleaning at removing metal impurities from your brakes.


What a Tire Cleaner Should Include


Look for tire cleaners that include sealants, protectants, and rubber conditioners by checking the product features. They aid in the mending of tiny cracks in the rubber and offer a barrier that keeps debris from inflicting needless harm.


Other elements to think about are:


Tire cleansers can be formulated as foams, gels, or sprays. Select the form that is most convenient for you to work with, as they are all equally effective. Gels must be rubbed into the tire using a sponge, whereas sprays and foams can typically be applied straight to the tire using the nozzle that comes with the package.


* Color changes: Although it may sound like science fiction, some solutions undergo color changes when they begin to react with impurities on your tires. Even though it’s largely decorative, this is a useful way to confirm that the cleaner is operating.


* A neutral pH: Selecting a formula with a neutral pH is crucial. Anything very acidic may begin to erode the paint finish on your car. Avoid using these solutions since the acid may impair the integrity of your tires. Thankfully, the majority of modern auto cleansers—if not all of them—are pH neutral.


* Cleaning power: Scrubbing isn’t even necessary for certain formulae. All you have to do is mist them and give them a quick water rinse. If your automobile is really unclean, you’ll normally need to put in some labor, even if this might work for relatively dirty tires.


Prior to Purchasing


Make sure you have the additional materials you’ll need to thoroughly clean your wheels before purchasing your tire cleaner. For instance, if you only want to perform a water rinse, a pressure washer can be quite helpful. There’s no doubt that the increased power will blow away grime and ensure a deeper clean.


Wheel brushes are particularly helpful since they enable you to clean all of the dirt-accumulating hidden cracks and crevices in your tires. Towels and cloths are also required for drying the wheel after cleaning or wiping off cleaner.


What We Think Is the Best Tire Cleaner


Black Magic Tire Wet Foam is the best foaming tire cleaner.


Try Black Magic Tire Wet Foam for the ideal tire wet shine. All you have to do is spray the foam onto your tires, and it will start to dissolve brake dust, dirt, and mud right away. There won’t be any residue remaining after rinsing. The only drawback is that, contrary to what some other brands promise, a single application only lasts up to two weeks. Still, the thick enough mixture lessens sling while maintaining the overall neat appearance of your car. Just be careful—this solution can discolor some garage floors and driveways—and place down a protective barrier beneath your tires.


Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel is the best gel tire cleaner.


You should try Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel if you’re accustomed to using vehicle soap. Apply a small amount on a tire brush or applicator pad and begin physically cleaning the tire. Because of the gel’s thickness, coating the entire tire without any lines or drips is simple. The formula’s cutting-edge polymers will instantly give your tires a glossy, darker appearance. Additionally, the unique UV protection will help keep your tires from ever browning or graying. Given that it takes 20 minutes or longer for this gel to cure, it might not be the best option if you’re pressed for time.


Tire Shine Spray by Car Guys is the best spray tire cleaner.


Tine Shine Spray by Car Guys is among the best tire cleaners in general that we have found. With the completely adjustable nozzle on this spray formula bottle, you can achieve the precise coverage you desire. In order to assist shine and darken your tires, the spray itself is packed with recently patented polymer additives. In order to stop run-off at high speeds, it bonds to your tires. You can easily reach into all the nooks and crannies of your tire with the provided microfiber applicator. The fact that this product is eco-friendly means you won’t have to worry if it spills into a storm drain nearby, which is maybe the nicest feature of all.

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