The Automotive Industry’s Three Social Media Trends

Sometime in June, Social Media Day was established due to the influence it has had on society over the years. Its popularity has since increased. Today is a celebration of social media and the enormous influence it has had on our company’s ability to interact with customers globally in real time. The following three statistics demonstrate how social media has had a major impact on the automotive industry:


90% of new-car customers who used social media in their decision-making believe it had an impact.


Social media has evolved into a forum for connecting, amusing, and participating in automotive communities. Every day, millions of people use social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to create high-quality leads, including prospective automobile purchasers.


People spend a lot of time on social media these days, so if you try to build a strong social media presence, there is a good chance that you could meet your next client there.


Online reviews reportedly aided dealership selection for 93% of car buyers.


It’s crucial to keep in mind that social media platforms, like Facebook, are sites where people frequently go to talk about a shared experience. Naturally, companies play a significant role in that discussion.


Customer testimonials are a powerful sales tool. They provide an unbiased view from someone who has dealt with the issue at hand, which is far more instructive than product descriptions and expert photography.


But reviews are important for reputation management as well as social proof, which is the practice of encouraging someone to try a product or service after reading a favorable review or viewing a video of a satisfied customer. Social proof is effective because it strengthens and validates the case that businesses make for their goods.


65% of automobile buyers claim that seeing a video helped them narrow down their list of potential vehicles.


Experience is crucial in the automotive sector, as we all know. Social media users expect postings to feel personal, just like automobile customers at your physical dealership look for a tailored experience!


Sending and sharing customized videos is one of the most intimate ways to interact with followers on social media. Here is one instance of an automotive salesperson using creativity to get a customer to purchase a new vehicle.


 Posting images or films that highlight what your company has to offer clients, whether it’s a welcome or congrats on your new car video, has a significant return.


As a result, let your fans enjoy following your social media profiles! We recognize that it may be difficult to maintain entertainment in the automobile sector, but consider what you enjoy or find useful on social media and share it with your followers!

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