The Automotive Industry and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), passed by Congress in 1991, shields customers from unwanted telemarketing calls. The TCPA regulates a variety of communications, including automated calls, text messages, pre-recorded messages, and telemarketing. This guarantees that customers keep their privacy and that businesses restrict telemarketers.


The TCPA is a significant law pertaining to dealerships that administrative departments must abide by or risk legal repercussions. According to the law, any telemarketing calls made by dealerships must have the recipient’s express prior written consent. This means that even for potential consumers, dealerships must get a signature from the person they are contacting before they can lawfully make a sales call to them. It can be quite difficult to obtain each customer’s prior written consent. Having said that, dealerships have had success implementing automated customer management software, which enables dealerships to get in touch with potential consumers in a way that complies with all regulatory requirements.


Visitors to a dealership’s website can see a disclaimer at the bottom of the form where they can consent to be contacted about anything relevant to their interest in a new vehicle. SimpSocial is an illustration of an automated communication system that can integrate with dealership CRMs. After the customer accepts the “opt-in” disclaimer online, SimpSocial contacts them via AI-powered SMS to make a phone call or an appointment in-store. If we pay attention to the initial texts that clients receive, we will discover that they always have the option to opt out of receiving any additional texts by replying “opt-out.” To maintain the dealership complaint, for instance, the SimpSocial system will secure this information when they do that and won’t contact them again. On the other hand, if the client messages us back and requests a call, they will be waiting for us to get in touch with them, and it won’t be a cold call any longer.


Dealerships rely on automated software to reach leads; therefore, all telephone contacts related to that must go properly and be more openly disclosed than ever. Every call your staff makes increases their productivity, and by making sure your systems are TCPA compliant, you and your teams can politely concentrate on your client connections and needs without being distracted by external processes.

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