The Advantage of Videos for Your Dealership in 7 Ways.

If your dealership is like the majority of them, you’re trying hard to up your marketing game. Being at the head of the pack is difficult because of the intense competition and the constantly shifting landscape of marketing alternatives. You may be exploring a variety of marketing strategies, but the video is one that you’re probably underusing.


Even if you currently use video in your marketing, there is more you could be doing to take advantage of this potent tool. Video marketing is beneficial at every stage of the consumer journey when done properly. Video marketing was employed by 81% of organizations in 2022, up from just 63% in 2021. Few techniques are as effective in converting prospects into consumers.


You can use video in the following ways to give your dealership an advantage:


1. Vehicle tours: To be effective, vehicle walkaround videos don’t need to be highly polished. These quick and easy-to-make videos offer prospective clients a clearer view of your inventory and can emphasize vehicle attributes that tempt car buyers to visit your dealership.


2. Instructional advice: How-to videos are the third most popular type of YouTube video. You may establish credibility with your audience by providing quick instructional films on monitoring tire pressure and oil levels.


3. Describe your procedure: Transparency can go a long way toward assisting you in developing trust, so why not demonstrate how things are carried out? Create brief videos demonstrating your used car inspection and certification process, lot setup, and storm cleanup. Your audience will respect you more if you are genuine.


4. Test drives: 72% of customers prefer to watch a video to understand more about a product. What more effective way to teach people about your inventory than through test drive videos? This is a fantafantastic,pressure format for presenting your best models.


5. Reviews: Even though features are fantastic, reviews on features are even better. Being truthful and upfront in your review will help you establish rapport and trust. It’s acceptable to state that a certain model isn’t always a family vehicle or that a different model might not be the best choice if you enjoy doing road trips, for example.


6. Comparing features and weighing benefits and negatives is a significant aspect of the auto-buying process. You may direct the decision-making process and provide some excellent insight into your inventory by creating a feature comparison video.


7. Testimonials: People are moved by stories, which is why they are powerful. Because they enable your audience to see and hear the emotion that lies behind the words of your satisfied clients, video testimonials are even more impactful.


These easy video marketing strategies can increase traffic and better engage potential clients. In fact, when watching a video, people retain 95% of the material, compared to only 10% when reading text, which means your marketing messages are being communicated more successfully throughout your customers’ entire customer journey.

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