The 90s have called, and they want you to change your dealership’s email strategy.

Consider the mid-1990s. Friends became popular and were viewed in living rooms all around the world. Hip-hop music may be heard playing on automobiles and store speakers. In the United States, football has grown to be the most popular spectator sport.


All of these are still valid today despite the passage of time, although certain details have changed.  People are still watching Friends, but they stream the episodes from Netflix rather than watching them on a network at a set time and day. Although the form of hip-hop has changed, it is still a well-liked musical genre. Nowadays, people listen to it on their smartphones rather than portable CD players. Even though Americans continue to watch football, they now support their fantasy team’s players rather than the actual squad playing.


Email’s boom began in the middle of the 1990s with the introduction of well-known email providers. Email advertising is still effective. Don’t trust me? See the statistics below.) But as consumer expectations and habits have changed, so have company strategies.


Avoid dwelling on the past. Future email marketing strategies should be developed using data, behavioral trends, and pertinent content.

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