The 10 Best Ways to Address the Auto Technician Shortage

The service department is interviewing a new technician for an auto technician position.


Numerous of our dealership partners are currently confronting a second difficulty in addition to attracting and keeping competent auto technicians, which we assist numerous dealerships with across the nation.


Service departments are confronted with the apparently daunting chore of filling vacancies in service vehicles as the industry continues to have a chronic lack of auto technicians, a problem that, according to a 2020 Tech Force assessment, doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon.


According to the same report, “Although the demand is strong, with 642,000 auto/diesel/collision techs needed between 2020 and 2024, the shortage continues to worsen.”


And while it has been demonstrated that scheduling and efficiency can benefit service departments to some extent, the fact remains that we still need more car technicians.


How would you approach this puzzle that seems insurmountable? While we may not possess a crystal ball, we do possess some enlightening tips that will assist you in finding and hiring your next car technician.


10 Techniques for Recruiting and Hiring Techs

Prepared to begin hiring? You can locate, hire, and keep your best talent by using these ten strategies. Maintain a steady flow of vehicles and the skilled mechanics needed to service them in your service bays.


Increasing Recruitment and Knowledge


First and foremost, the proper people must be aware that you are hiring if you want to select the best candidates. Increasing awareness will increase interest in your job postings and widen your candidate pool both now and in the future.


Join forces with regional training initiatives and technical schools

For new technicians seeking to enter the field, the NADA Foundation has established a nationwide repository of training programs and technical colleges. Work together with local programs to make it easier for new technicians to locate a suitable job at your dealership.


Make use of job boards

You might think of Indeed or Monster when you hear the term “job board,” but don’t forget about employment boards for particular industries. By placing your job advertisements there, you can be sure that the appropriate people will view them. Following are a few automobile employment boards:


Locate a Wrench

AutoCare Jobs


Host Live or Online Events

Events for recruiting are a fantastic way to include lots of potential employees. For the highest attendance, make sure to promote your event using social media, your website, and any nearby training programs.


Utilize the networks of your technicians

Your current technicians probably have connections to other professionals in the field. Utilize their networks to spread the word that you are hiring and locate quality candidates more quickly.


As a further suggestion, offer referral bonuses to your current technicians to motivate your staff and fully launch this program.


Set Your Service Department Apart

Make it apparent what makes your service department unique, whether it’s a top-notch training program or a devoted clientele. Your service department will attract the kind of competent experts you’re seeking and retain them over the long run by emphasizing its advantages and benefits.


Creating the Ideal Workplace Environment

Due to the widespread technician shortage, auto technicians now have the upper hand in the recruitment and hiring processes, making employee experience a crucial consideration for technicians who are looking for work as well as for those who may already be in a position of employment. Get ahead of the curve and put some of these best practices into action to promote your dealership and keep your top technicians satisfied.


Simplify the hiring procedure

The interview is the beginning of the employee experience; therefore, you need to impress the candidate to beat out the other 10 dealerships they might be considering.


Study the job market for yourself

This is particularly useful in figuring out the fair market value of salaries and other employee benefits. By offering competitive employee remuneration, you can influence whether a superb technician accepts your offer or chooses to work for another dealership or service facility.


Establish a mentoring program.

Not every new employee will succeed immediately. Even some of your more seasoned technicians might benefit from honing a certain set of abilities or methods. By setting up a mentoring program, you may enable your seasoned professionals to impart their wisdom and know-how to the next generation.


Return your technicians to the classroom

Want to make sure everyone on your team is performing at their best? Start your own training program, or send your technicians back to school. This will not only guarantee that your technicians can provide the services your customers need, but it will also make them feel valued, and valued people value valued people.


Provide the newest tools and technology for your team.

Without the proper tools, it can be challenging to perform your job in any line of work, but it can be especially challenging in the automobile sector. They might be more likely to look for another dealership if your department doesn’t spend the money to provide your staff with the essential tools and technology.


Due to the severe competition in the market brought on by the supply and demand of auto mechanics, many service departments are unsure about their next move. However, with these straightforward strategies, your next employee might be just around the horizon.

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