Car dealerships have only a few straightforward objectives.

They want to sell more cars, follow up with possible leads, and keep the automobiles they’ve sold to consumers in good working order. While these objectives are straightforward, effective marketing can aid in their attainment.


Text messaging is one of the best and most recent marketing tactics. Whether you sell cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, or RVs, the techniques outlined here can help you use text messages to entice clients back into your dealership and keep them informed about the services you provide.






Your website is already being visited by others. They may have inquiries, want to look at your inventory, or want to purchase anything from you.


One of the reasons why SMS chat can be so effective is because of this. This is similar to other types of live chat, except it lets users to communicate with you via their computer. The distinction is that responses to incoming messages are sent directly to your consumers’ phones.


This is more effective than online chat since it allows visitors to leave the site while still participating in the conversation. It also allows you to obtain their contact information.


After using this method, several dealerships notice a significant increase in conversions.







You may enhance your revenue by holding deals throughout the holidays and throughout the year.


However, if you can alert potential leads and customers who have previously purchased from you about these events, the revenue might be considerably higher.


Text messages with promotional content are surprisingly powerful. The vast majority of them are read, and a significant number of them receive a response. When compared to the effectiveness of email, using text can inspire a lot more people to notice your message.


Your sales volume may benefit from the increased reaction. Take a look at the examples below to get an idea of the types of texts you could send.


“The all-new Toyota model has arrived!” With money off our old inventory, we’re providing you some great offers. Now is the time to get your $5000 discount. The offer will expire on November 30th.”


“Veterans Day is quickly approaching! It would be a pity to pass up this opportunity to save 40% on these autos. For further details, please visit our website.”


Text can help you get a higher ROI with pricey retail items (known as high ticket items) simply because it is so inexpensive to send them out.







Finding leads for your dealership can be difficult, but once you do, it’s critical that you keep them on board.


The first step is to talk to someone and pique their attention. To convert leads into sales, however, you must move customers to the next step in the purchasing process.


Many times, they will need to consider their options or consult with someone else in the family who manages money. As a result, it’s simple to lose track of this client and never hear from them again.


Getting back in touch with these potential consumers could be all it takes to turn them into actual customers. Text is an excellent approach to do so. You might simply send them a text reminding them of your previous interaction. Consider the following scenario:


“Hello, [name],” says the narrator. Do you intend to purchase your Ford Mustang? If that’s the case, get in touch with us because we have a terrific bargain for you!”


You might enhance this message even further by including an image in the text to help them remember it. Because many people read text messages within minutes of getting them, this is extremely successful.


It also makes it simple for customers to contact you or ask questions about the current transaction. They might also wish to schedule a visit to the dealership.


If your website is set up to allow clients to buy vehicles online, having a link in the text to assist them in doing so is a great way to make it even easier.







If an automobile isn’t properly maintained, it will begin to break down. Your customers will find themselves in need of new car parts on a regular basis.


You can let your customers give you part names and numbers to see if you have them in stock by establishing a request service via text. This makes it simple for them to get the item installed at the dealership.


It’s as simple as ordering the component and setting a time for them to come down to the dealership if you don’t have it in stock.







You may also use text to schedule when consumers can bring their car in or receive vehicle updates. These types of questions are common, but having an SMS service for them makes them a lot easier to deal with.


Having a service number can help with this. This makes handling service considerably easier and reduces the number of non-essential phone calls you have to make.







You can improve service and keep clients informed about what your dealership has to offer by employing text messaging in conjunction with your business. As a result, you’ll be able to generate more revenue and provide a better customer experience.


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