Switch to a new dealer management system

Your use of technology to link your dealership’s activities is essential. Therefore, it makes sense that choosing a new Dealer Management System is a huge decision. Making the switch to any new technology is a challenging choice for many dealers. A small portion of the myriad worries that can prevent people from acting are disruptions in work and commerce. Going beyond your concern for everyday process changes and restricted data access is even more important. Fortunately, the dealers in the video below discovered that a team of specialists had planned, supported, and supervised the process of migrating to a new DMS. Furthermore, they discovered a technology partner who was committed to their success after the transfer.



People with purchasing power frequently think that new technology and instruments are glamorous. However, they may also intimidate your entire crew, which would be unsettling. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of the user interface and usability when considering a new technology that will be as crucial to your DMS as possible. You’ll have a bigger problem if you make the changeover if your legacy peers and new hires are unable to learn how to use your DMS. Because SimpSocial DMS is the easiest-to-use, your team can use it more effectively, and employees can benefit from its strong capabilities more quickly.



Without access to the data and insights that allow them to see the bigger picture, businesses cannot function. You can decide what’s best for your organization with drill-down reporting, real-time data, and remote access to information when and when you need it. Sadly, some vendors hold your data for ransom. Because Cox Automotive supports SimpSocial DMS, you have access to the most authoritative source of information in the automotive sector. In reality, our open system is designed to make it possible to connect to your best-in-class preferred vendors at a reasonable price. Our open platform pairs seamlessly with the vendors of your choosing and permits third-party integrations, which lowers the pricey integration fees other providers charge.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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