Success with a modern CRM: Keeping things simple without giving anything up

Each and every CRM vendor boasts that their program is simple to use—until you get the hang of it. Does the ease-of-use test, however, support these claims? Watching your salespeople at work is one way to gauge how user-friendly a CRM is. Do they employ CRM? They use the mobile app, do they? Do they even know that a mobile app exists?


What would you expect to find when you run a consumption report? How long does it take your sales team to use the CRM each day? Your staff should be working in the CRM all day, every day, right? After all, salespeople are meant to utilize the CRM to reply to new leads, communicate with existing leads, and monitor their pipeline.


Unfortunately, many dealerships’ use of CRM frequently falls far short of expectations. Don’t, however, entirely blame your staff or operational procedures. The majority of outdated automotive CRMs still in use today were developed for commercial use over twenty years ago. When CRMs were developed, their user interfaces were designed only for desktop use and did not support mobile devices. Additionally, most of us only used the phone and email to communicate twenty years ago. The emphasis today is on accessibility and fast information. The preferred method of communication is texting. Also, keep in mind the growing desire for immersive experiences and video during the sales process.


Even if historical CRMs have made an effort to modernize and adapt, most systems still consist of a patchwork of integrated third-party solutions, add-ons, and patches. Because of this, scaling CRM operations and processes is challenging. So look further. It could be time to reassess your investment if the system doesn’t fit the way your salespeople desire to work or offer seamless digital experiences.


Do you wish to learn the plain truth? Your salespeople would be using your dealership CRM if it were user-friendly. Every single time.


Discard outmoded work plans


Help Your Sales Team Do More with Less, one of our most recent articles, explained why it’s time to adopt a new perspective. The never-ending work plan should be discarded because your sales staff isn’t utilizing it efficiently. It’s time to concentrate on finding a better solution, one that places all the fish that are biting in front of you every day.


Fact: When a car shopper files a lead, they’ll acquire a car in four to five days in 70% of cases. What use is a work plan if it does not assist in quickly moving customers along your sales pipeline?


A deal-focused pipeline approach provides you with immediate visibility of sales activity and crucial information, such as the preferred method of communication for each opportunity. You don’t need to look further because it tells you where they are in the sales cycle and what steps are necessary to advance the car-buying process.


Instead of having your sales staff try to determine and prioritize activities on their own, you can keep your entire sales team organized, on the same page, and working from the same sheet of music with pipeline data.


Easy visibility, reactivity, and interaction are features of a modern CRM. It should never consist of a series of pointless chores that may or may not be finished. It ought to be an organic, active reaction instead. You have an answer to a query someone has. No chores are required.


Littler Clicks


The user interface (UI) in the majority of older CRMs is obsolete and difficult to use. As a result, many users need training in order to perform basic tasks. For instance, click, click, click to send an email. Several clicks are required merely to begin drafting the email.


Did you have to figure out how to utilize Messenger, Google, or Facebook? No. The reason these applications are popular is that anyone can use them without instruction. You only need one or two clicks to complete your task.


A modern CRM ought to have an interface similar to Facebook, Google, or Messenger. Simply click, open, and begin doing your necessary actions.


Successful Conversations


People in our society enjoy watching movies and prefer texting. Why then do your salespeople continue to call and email customers? Despite having a proper role in the sales process, these channels are not used at the start.


You need a dealership CRM that makes it simple for salespeople to text customers using their mobile phones in order to engage today’s consumers. Customers anticipate communicating with you through the same methods they use to communicate with their friends and family.


Additionally, video communication is needed. A car is a significant and expensive purchase. Automobile buyers want to see it. They prefer a customized, visual tour rather than viewing photographs. Your salesmen must find this process simple, requiring neither logging into separate systems nor using specialized software. Simply shoot a video or live stream, enter it into the CRM on a smartphone, and submit it.


Why do we need video? The dealership that responds the quickest and provides the best experience will win the customer’s business if they contact two auto dealers. The best car-shopping experience you can give a customer is through video.


For every conversation, one screen


Consumers today communicate through a variety of devices and channels. Opportunities are likely to be missed if you have to hunt and dig in multiple places to keep up.


A simpler strategy is to compile all client responses onto a single screen. Increased visibility, response rates, and responsibility result from the multi-channel sequence of calls, messages, videos, and emails. Every ongoing chat is accessible to your whole team, who may even tag supervisors for assistance or take over a conversation if a salesperson is absent.


Portable Go-Go


Any CRM has a mobile application. But the real question is: do all salespeople use it? The majority of CRM mobile apps are not intuitive or efficient for online selling. The mobile app’s CRM interface needs to be identical to that of the desktop version.


Fact: 91% of users use the DriveCentric mobile app!


In a world where customer experience is valued above all else, mobile CRM usage is crucial, and DriveCentric was designed for it! Consumers of today expect digital showroom experiences since we live in a digital-first world. The mobile app is very user-friendly and doesn’t hinder performance. By being mobile, your salespeople can communicate while on the go and interact with customers in person more often.



Artificial Intelligence (AI) for conversation


Today is the future! It’s now possible to have a diligent, human-like digital workforce available around the clock to increase sales efficiency and output. For rote jobs, hiring a horde of sales representatives is no longer scalable. You are therefore already behind if you haven’t incorporated digital capabilities like Conversational AI.


Automating processes like a lead response, lead nurturing, data collection, and appointment setting helps move clients through the sales funnel more quickly and ensures that nothing slips between the gaps.


Customers are pleased when there are fewer wait times, higher levels of engagement, and effective customer service, all without having to pay for additional workers. To assist your team in returning to what really matters: customers who are ready to buy, your Genius AI is already incorporated into the DriveCentric platform.


Painless CRM Switching


We are aware that the success of your CRM can be determined by the onboarding procedure. Therefore, our staff is at your side at every turn. To make sure your transfer is painless, we developed a simple, step-by-step onboarding process. And yes, it can be completed entirely online.


Implementation and training are carried out virtually thanks to how simple the system is to understand and use.


The customer success team collaborates closely to collect requirements, respond to inquiries, and provide you with top-notch assistance. Our software is configured for your operations thanks to the data and launch experts who assure data integrity and integration. You always get the most out of your investment thanks to online assistance, which includes everything from onboarding to ongoing performance management.


We inform everyone of developments. As a result, your staff will use the software expertly at the end!


Seen a pattern yet? All of your crucial sales data and conversations should be on one screen, which will increase visibility, response, and accountability. This will save time.


simplicity without giving up anything. Have you ever considered the possibility?

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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