Strategies for Dealership Video Marketing to Increase Traffic

Including video in your marketing strategy for your auto dealership is a terrific method to boost foot traffic to your lot as well as online traffic and engagement. Indeed, 60% of automobile buyers said they visited a dealership after viewing a video of a vehicle they were considering, according to a Think with Google survey. Here are some video marketing tactics for dealerships that will help you boost sales.


Enhance Your Product Pages With Video

As the number of people visiting car dealerships to search for a vehicle declines, it is beneficial to have as much information as possible on your website. Forty percent of shoppers who watched videos online claim that doing so helped them find a car they had not previously thought about. Furthermore, because people prefer to watch videos over reading, 83% of video marketers claim that their use of video helps them attract leads and potential clients. This information was discovered by SimpSocial. Video is a fantastic tool to use if you want to sell more cars.


Think about adding 360-degree spin movies to your vehicle listing pages in addition to images so that buyers can see each car up close. They can view the cars from every perspective and check the outside and inside without physically visiting. Then, if they are impressed with what they see, they might come see the sales staff at your dealership to do a test drive or complete their purchase.


It can take a lot of time and money to produce high-quality 360-degree content, and new software and equipment are frequently needed. Walk around movies are an excellent substitute if you’d prefer to keep things simple. Your sales staff can take these using a standard camera or even a smartphone, allowing them to emphasize the car’s important features and innovations. The customer will still have a clear understanding of the advantages of the car, even though they won’t be able to zoom in or spin it around, and use that information to determine whether or not to make a purchase.



Utilize Every Type Of Video On Your Page

There are tons of additional ways to use video on your website besides product pages. For instance, you may include a brand film introducing your dealership, staff, and customer mission on your “About Us” landing page. You might utilize a visually striking video on your home page to draw attention to an offer or promotion that’s going on.


Statista reports that while over 91% of customers will view any type of video, 30.6% of them want to watch instructional films, and 28.9% want to watch videos about how-to. Explanatory films are a great tool for building trust with your clients. You may also include a help area on your website where you demonstrate via video how to perform common auto maintenance tasks, such as replacing an oil change, tire, or windshield wipers. This will demonstrate to your clientele your expertise and your availability to them in times of need.



Create a Powerful Social Media Presence That Increases Sales

Consider utilizing video to enhance (or begin developing) your social media presence in addition to uploading videos to your website and other websites, such as YouTube. Daily video views rose by 95% between 2020 and 2022, while Facebook video advertising received 480% more clicks than those with a static image, per Biteable data. If you want to improve click-throughs to your website as a dealer, you should include video content in your social media plan. While you’re about it, remember that short videos usually convert the best, and that a lot of viewers turn off the sound, so wherever you can, add captions.


Using Personalized Videos, Establish Relationships With Potential Customers

You can still interact digitally with potential customers who are unable or unwilling to come see you in person at your dealership. For example, you could record a video of an automobile that you know they’re considering, highlighting attributes you know they’ll want, and send it to your lead by SMS. Call them by name and tell them why this is the ideal vehicle for them. Live video chat is an excellent additional option. You may present cars to prospective buyers in a far more engaging manner using FaceTime or Zoom. They can then ask you any questions they may have and request that you enlarge or examine a particular area of the car more closely.



Remember Paid Video Promotion

In addition to leveraging video on your website and with current leads, be sure to utilize paid video advertising such as OTT/CTV video. With this kind of advertisement, you can provide consumers who are looking for a certain kind of automobile with important details about each one, including the make, model, mileage, location, price, and more, all within their preferred streaming platforms.

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