South County DCJR Dealership Case Study: Stellantis Omnisocial Ad Strategy

When it comes to South County Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram:

Since 1965, South County DCJR has been operating out of the same location in St. Louis, Missouri. Since 2020, we have enjoyed working together our partners Allen Masengil, GM, Mike Chorba, Sales and Finance Manager, and Ashley Etheridge, BDC Director.


Collectively, this group is one of our favorite SimpSocial Partners because they value experimentation, creativity, and the power of social media.


Developing an Omnisocial, Full-Funnel Strategy

An Omnisocial strategy was the ideal way for South County DCJR to dominate their market and rivals.


No matter where a customer spends time online, omnisocial, also known as omnichannel, refers to a multi-platform advertising approach that aims to offer a cohesive customer experience. This strategy sends the following pertinent message at the ideal point in the auto buyer’s journey, on the platform where they are now consuming content.


A full-funnel plan is what sets a top-performing Omnisocial campaign apart from an average one. Specifically, strategically utilizing several ad formats with well-considered text that matches the attitude and stage of the auto buying experience.


To create messaging for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok that would diversify as customers went through different stages of the buying cycle, South County DCJR collaborated with SimpSocial


Here is a more detailed look at their outcomes from January 1 through March 31, 2023:


Results of the South County Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Social Advertising Case Study

Instagram and Facebook (Meta):

Every stage of the consumer journey is addressed by South County DCJR’s Omnisocial strategy, which heavily relies on meta. Meta continues to be the most popular social platform in use today, generating the highest KPIs for the least amount of money because to its massive 251M monthly active users in the US. Promoting their new 2023 Stellantis model lines on Facebook and Instagram is one unique tactic South County DCJR uses.


(Q1 2023) Facebook and Instagram results:


1.6 million views

9,09 leads from 28,665 clicks

71 unit sales matches


South County DC on PinterestJR wanted to make sure that buyers in their area with higher incomes saw their new vehicle inventory. And Pinterest was the ideal answer! Pinterest can connect with 52% of adult US internet users who make over $100,000 annually. And it’s a fantastic way to connect with moms!


Results from Pinterest (Q1 2023):


1.4 million views

20031 clicks

13 matching unit sales out of 142 leads


TikTok: With users spending 89 minutes a day on the platform, TikTok is quickly evolving into the new “TV” for all generations. With the help of dynamic car ads, South County DCJR raises awareness and retargets users using this video-first platform.


Want more ideas for TikTok ads? The top-performing dealership TikTok videos can be found here.


Results from TikTok (Q1 2023):


impressions of 978K

6,081 clicks 891K views of the video

Views of 811 landing pages


WhatsApp: Did you know? A whopping 40% of Snapchat users don’t use any other social media sites! With 108M monthly active users in the US and dynamic automobile inventory ads, South County DCJR is utilizing Snapchat to promote their under $25,000 autos.


Results from Snapchat (Q1 2023):


impressions of 370K

3,160 swipes, 25K views of videos, and 54 leads


The Key Is Partnership

Don’t simply take it from us, even though we covered a lot of South County’s statistics and achievements in this post.


Check out this endorsement from sales and finance manager Mike Chorba:


“Our objective is to rule our market in every facet of the car business. That can often be difficult given how fiercely competitive our DMA is. Our online profile on social media is one thing about which I no longer have to worry. Most social ad-based businesses could only dream of achieving the cost per lead and cost per sale. With SimpSocial, we are getting eight to ten times the results we were getting from our former sources while saving thousands each month. Now that is dominant in a space!”


— Mike Chorba, manager of sales and finance at South County Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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