Social Media Campaigns for Car Dealerships to Help Grow Your Business

The modern vehicle buyer has changed, effortlessly switching from offline to online sources for research. Simply having your brand known to them is also insufficient. They must be able to relate to your tale using social media campaigns for car dealerships.

Amidst this, a number of auto brands and dealerships are expanding their marketing initiatives. So, what makes you unique?

This tutorial delves into the power of automotive social media and shows you how to succeed with interesting content.

Content's place in the buying journey using Social media campaigns for car dealerships

Content's place in the buying journey using Social media campaigns for car dealerships

The days of visiting vehicle dealerships and waiting to talk with salespeople are long gone. Currently, 59% of purchasers complete a significant portion of their research online. They looked into and bought cars for more than 14 hours in 2022 alone, an increase of 18% from 2021.

And it was all done before going into auto dealerships.

It demonstrates that in the cutthroat world of car marketing, maintaining relevance through the customer experience is essential.

Cars evoke strong emotions in buyers. Additionally, you can demonstrate your concern for them by being there for them at every stage of the car-buying process and encouraging their enthusiasm with content.

However, you can only truly “be there” if you comprehend their wants (at every point of the customer journey) and use the knowledge to produce content that speaks to them and addresses their concerns. You may use social media campaigns for car dealerships to move prospects along the buyer journey by establishing your brand’s credibility and familiarity.

Utilize social media campaigns for car dealerships to promote automobile content

Good content is only one piece of the larger marketing equation. For purchasing to be encouraged, it must be distributed through the appropriate channels.

Social networking can help with it.

Customers are encouraged by social media to “interact with” or “take action” on material in addition to just “seeing” it.

As an example, social media can be used to promote your website content. To market an infographic, you created for a blog, post it to your social media accounts.

Utilizing social media campaigns for car dealerships is another way to get input. You can learn about your customers’ preferences through their interaction with your posts or comments. Use it to produce an online content piece (like a guide or blog). Alternatively, you can use the input to enhance already-published social media content.

Additionally, you may use content to expressly create a community around your product or brand. Consider the case of Ford. In addition to maintaining a social media presence of its own, the business also manages a renowned automotive account, the Mustang. It is intended for owners and enthusiasts of Mustangs and serves as a forum for them to have meaningful conversations about the vehicle. 

Why social media is important for cars

A potent tool for moving prospects through the sales funnel and into a purchase is social networking. It’s so powerful that 27% of consumers use social media to find new products.

71% of purchasers use social media to aid in the vehicle purchase process. Additionally, 21% of respondents claim that social media directly influenced their purchase.

Reviews are another advantage of social media for consumers. Before making a purchase, 31% of consumers look for reviews on social media platforms.

Social Media Campaigns for Car Dealerships

Social networking sites are aware of their importance in the purchasing process. They thus provide a variety of commercially viable advertising choices and tactics.

Yet, it benefits more than simply companies. Additionally, 28% of internet users find new brands via social media advertisements.

The many social media campaigns for car dealerships formats you can select from are listed below:

  • Pictures in advertisements
  • Videos for advertisements
  • Carousel advertisements
  • Stories advertisements
  • form advertisements for lead generation
  • Ads with messages
  • advertisements for products
  • text-based advertisements

With so many alternatives available, there may be a strong temptation to overdo it with car social media advertisements. Still, excess of any substance can be harmful.

To establish a successful social media, plan for advertising, adhere to following recommended practices: 

Prior to launching any campaign, decide on your marketing or advertising objectives, target demographic, audience segments, platforms, content purpose, budget, and analytics.

Determine your marketing or advertising goals, target audience, audience segments, platforms, content purpose, budget and metrics before running each campaign.

Conduct A/B testing for each campaign. You can experiment with multiple elements—image copy, image visuals, ad copy, CTA, and more.

Rotate ads within a social media campaigns for car dealerships to avoid creating ad fatigue for customers

Customise ads for each social media campaigns for car dealerships platform and audience preference.

For instance, humour works well where the customers go to relax or entertain themselves (like Instagram and TikTok), while a platform like LinkedIn may need a different approach.

Stick to high-quality visuals, interesting stories, educational videos and engaging elements in the ad content.

Direct social media audience to your website or custom landing page using CTAs. These landing pages could showcase your intended or full inventory of automobiles. It induces consideration.

Whenever possible, create dedicated landing pages for each campaign. Visitors don’t have to search for specific information amongst other content on the website.

Make the most of custom and lookalike audiences to refine your ideal customer profile (ICP).

Retarget interested prospects. But maintain an optimum gap between subsequent retargeted ads.

Study your competitors’ social media content. Find out what works for them and what doesn’t. Incorporate adjustments into your campaign wherever needed.

Even if you create the most effective campaigns, none of them will succeed if you don’t know which metrics to focus on.

Assessing the effectiveness of a social media campaigns for car dealerships

effectiveness of a social media campaigns for car dealerships

Select the appropriate set of metrics to gauge your success with automobile social media marketing (both organic and sponsored). Ten metrics are provided for your consideration:

1. Engagement

Consists of the quantity of followers, likes, shares, comments, and reactions.

2. Perception and Outreach

How many people see your social media campaigns for car dealerships posts is shown by their reach. Impressions indicate how frequently these users have viewed your material.

3. Growth in followers

You’re doing something properly if over a given time period, more people follow your brand.

4. Response time

Displays how long it typically takes you to reply to messages and comments on your social media pages. A better social community is facilitated by faster response times.

5. Traffic from referrals

It’s the traffic that websites receive from social media. Referrals let you know if the leads you’re successfully nurturing on social media are converting.

6. Retail

Social media campaigns for car dealerships and subsequent conversions can be used to track sales. Utilize lead management tools such as SimpSocial to monitor your prospect’s progress.

7. ROI, or return on investment

ROI is the ratio of the money you make from social media to the expenses you incur.

8. The NPS, or net promoter score

NPS demonstrates the likelihood that current clients will refer your company to others. Surveys and online feedback platforms can be used to get this information.

9. Viewers' sentiment

Reflects the opinion that your clients have of you. It could be neutral, negative, or good. You can gain detailed understanding of audience sentiments by using a social media campaigns for car dealerships listening technology.

10. Voice share (SOV)

Your brand’s ranking against competitors is determined by SOV. To learn more, you can use Similarweb or other marketing analytics tools.

Real-world automotive social media marketing campaigns

Are you motivated to revamp your current social media marketing or develop new ones? Take a cue or two from these actual campaigns.

Use CRM data gathered from Social Media Campaigns for Car Dealerships

Use CRM data gathered from Social Media Campaigns

To excel in social media campaigns for car dealerships, you must do more than just create current campaigns. Use social insights to develop more effective marketing strategies in the future.

Sync your CRM with social media campaigns to automatically capture leads’ information via lead generating forms. Use this first-party data to fine-tune your content objectives, targeting, and messaging.

Use this information to retarget prospects with personalized emails or display and search advertising. You may also utilize these data to generate content that addresses specific pain points. Enhance these with segment-specific case studies, review videos, or reference videos.

Finally, you can easily follow up with interested prospects to set up test drives or consultations.

SimpSocial’s lead management software enables you to create integrated marketing campaigns that maximize conversions. Get in touch to discover more about how SimpSocial can improve social media marketing.

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