So, why is it important to engage in social listening?

Participating in social listening is crucial for maintaining and managing your reputation. I’m not referring to reviews on, Google My Business, or even Facebook. I’m referring to the discussions your customers engage in when they believe no one is listening. You can learn the most about how your customers view your brand when you aren’t labeled specifically or when there is a discussion about your brand that isn’t meant to be engaged with.


What are your social listening strategies?

No matter the size of your business or the goods or services you provide, social listening is something you ought to do. This can range from cost-effective software that enables you to search for material using your brand name, services, goods, or even hashtags that are pertinent to your business to free techniques like setting up a Google Alert to track your online presence.


How you may take advantage of this:


A micro-influencer who has really expressed their appreciation for your products and is a fan may exist. This may be confusing in all of your mentions, which would result in you missing a fantastic cooperation opportunity.

Social listening can be used in a variety of ways to snoop on your rivals. This might assist you in identifying any characteristics or services that your rivals’ clients might find lacking or desirable. This can also keep you informed about prospective buyer personas that you might not have yet completely exploited.

Adding to point two, imagine that you work for a national towing company and that your social listening includes phrases like “flat tire” and “dead battery.” Then you can locate those who require your service immediately and provide them with a discount or perhaps a free service. Something along the lines of “Flat tires are rough.” Likewise, renting a tow truck Give us a free ride so we can at least make this horrible scenario a little better! Call us and reference this tweet when you do so.

How do you determine whether to participate or simply listen?

When someone has a flat tire or a dead battery, as those are smaller, less critical issues, you might wish to intervene. A promotion may seem tacky if there was a significant accident or anything more serious, though.


Only you and your company can decide where the line must be drawn. For some people, responding to every post could be a good idea, but for others, it might come across as spammy and desperate. Equally crucial is knowing when to join a social conversation involving your rival. Will trying to enter with a sarcastic remark like Wendy’s on social media be kitschy? Or will it appear insincere and fail, provoking a negative response?


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