SMS Is a Crucial Ingredient in Providing Excellent Customer Service


Text messaging has evolved into much more than a simple means of communication. It is now a necessary component of a strong customer service program, as it allows both businesses and consumers with an effective way of communication that isn’t as intrusive as phone calls. Given that 91 percent of the world’s population owns a cellphone, SMS messages are expected to remain the preferred method of business-to-consumer communication for a long time.

Let’s take a look at why text messages are such a great customer support option:


Simplicity is key.


SMS texts are a simple yet effective way to communicate because all you have to do is type and send messages and answers. There is no need for an interface. Phone calls frequently entail waiting on hold or pushing numerous keys to reach a professional, whilst emails have concerns with unintentional deletions and spam folders.


Any Phone Will Do


Consumers don’t need smartphones to text with their favorite companies or services, as almost every cell phone on the planet, including the now-retro flip phones, has SMS capability.

There’s a lot of information, yet there’s not a lot of room

Text messages are a great way to get important information without taking up a lot of room on your phone. Unlike long-winded salespeople who keep you on the phone for 10 minutes longer than necessary, messages are short and to the point.


Reactions in a Hurry


SMS communications are probably better for businesses than emails because 90% of texts are read within three minutes of receipt. Text messages have a 98 percent open rate compared to 22 percent for emails, making SMS communications a superior option for reaching out to customers rapidly.


User Experience Improvements


Customers enjoy a far better user experience when they text, especially when personal information is provided. Personal information contained in text messages from financial institutions, for example, is regarded as “very valuable,” and the institution is seen as the customer’s “financial guardian.” These SMS warn clients about questionable activities, provide investment and interest rate advice, and so on. This type of personalized communication is an excellent method to increase brand loyalty.


When it comes to phone calls, SMS messages may also help brands streamline the user experience. Brands may simply send messages asking customers to review their last phone encounter. Businesses can use the information from short text surveys to improve communication and service in the future.



Opportunities squandered


Only approximately 7% of consumers already connect with businesses using text texts. Given that corporate text messages aren’t nearly as intrusive as phone calls, it’ll be interesting to see how many businesses use texting in the coming years.

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