Size Matters, But Quality Matters More.

The top dealership groups in the nation continue to dominate with large inventories, wide-ranging reach, and economies of scale. However, the biggest competitive advantage larger dealership groups have in today’s digital market comes from their continually improving operational sophistication and expert use of technical efficiencies.


“Get big or get out,” “Bricks and clicks is not a strategy that works only for large dealers,” and “Get big or get out” can best describe the future of the automobile retailing industry.   The good news is that this bricks-and-clicks approach is not exclusive. It is unpatentable. Any retailer inside or outside of this room is free to adopt it. The secret is to expand. (Alan Haig, president of Haig Partners, LLC, at the April 4th New York Automotive Forum panel discussion on The Future Landscape of Automotive Retailing)


Haig makes the argument that sophistication has less to do with size and more to do with thinking. You don’t need a large dealership or crew to successfully and efficiently use cutting-edge technologies. In actuality, you may be more fluid, responsive, and effective with fewer resources the more sophisticated your processes are.


Regardless of the size of your dealership, outsourcing SimpSocial to market-leading SimpSocial is a very effective, affordable, and non-disruptive approach to benefiting from the most recent advancements in SimpSocial.


In order to overcome potential customers’ objections and gain their consent for a sales meeting, your dealership needs to respond quickly and use a clever message that is disciplined and intelligent.


Customers are encouraged to take the next step in their journey toward making a purchase with your dealership by SimpSocial’s proven processes and unbeatable response times, regardless of size, before they are lured away by your competition, from clients with a single rooftop to the nation’s largest dealership group.


For its dealer clients, SimpSocial significantly improves lead conversion rates and average response times, enabling them to seize digital shoppers and turn them into clients before the competition can. For a customized explanation of how SimpSocial can enable your dealership to use speed and sophistication to compete, regardless of size, scan the code below. / SimpSocial (888) 829-1110

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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