SimpSocial’s Next-Generation HubSpot CRM Integrations

With an updated native integration like no other, SimpSocial brings calling, messaging, and outbound automation to HubSpot.

SimpSocial, a cloud-based software provider for modern contact centers, worked with HubSpot to create sophisticated technologies that would triple the success of inside sales teams. HubSpot’s integration of calling, messaging, and outbound automation resources allows CRM users to engage leads faster than ever before.

When you install SimpSocial for HubSpot, you get a sales dialer built right into the CRM, complete with automatic call recording, logging, and voicemail drop-off. Due to the fact that all SimpSocial lines are text-enabled, HubSpot users can use it to nurture customer relationships. The integration adds an SMS/MMS messenger to HubSpot, allowing two-way messaging with today’s mobile-first customers right from the contact page.

Sales teams will benefit from outbound calls and texts to complement their HubSpot email campaigns for as little as $50 per agent per month. With SimpSocial-powered actions added to HubSpot workflows, they can now initiate call and text sequences from their CRM. With smart follow-ups, you can improve response times and conversion rates. When a new lead enters the CRM, sales may send a text to acknowledge it or use SimpSocial to initiate a call, both using the familiar HubSpot workflow settings.

Contacts can be added to the Hubspot workflow.

SimpSocial, as a contact center solution, integrates with HubSpot to automatically bring leads into its communication system, removing manual time-consuming activities from sales teams. SimpSocial users can access their HubSpot lists, which are ready for power dialing. It also exchanges contact ownership details so there’s no confusion about who’s in charge of leads. This means that sales reps can contact up to 500 leads a day with only one click and the help of a dynamic script.

Customer information and contact logs are consolidated with the two-way data sync, giving agents an up-to-date guide when dealing with leads. This not only gives them a smooth experience, but it also gives consumers one. Imagine call representatives using SimpSocial to speak to consumers over the phone; with the latest HubSpot integration, they can also get deal data right in their contact center app to help them close deals as they go.

Inbound calls, of course, are also automatically logged by SimpSocial in HubSpot. Callers can be routed to specific HubSpot contact owners using its smart routing features, allowing companies to build deeper and longer-lasting relationships with their customers. With whisper features, managers can listen in and barge in to assist agents when required.

This HubSpot contact center integration earned all 5-star ratings during its initial launch to current customers, confirming its value in improving sales performance and scaling up outbound efforts. Click-to-call functionality and call recording, according to a real estate SaaS company, are big time savers.

CRM stores a wealth of information that salespeople can use to transform leads into opportunities. Introducing communication tools, especially those that cater to the omnichannel nature of digital sales these days, can assist businesses in converting leads into closed sales. It’s time to turn data into real sales, and thanks to SimpSocial’s new HubSpot integration, keeping on top of customer interactions is easier than ever. Agents will complete a sale in one location, eliminating the need for tab switching and hardware devices. Managers can monitor performance using a live dashboard, which makes it simple to identify laggards and unresponsive leads.

Even better, SimpSocial isn’t planning on stopping at HubSpot. The team is hard at work integrating Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Zoho, among other CRMs, in a similar secure manner. In the coming months, expect more substantial updates!

Watch this video for a short but thorough tour of the SimpSocial x HubSpot integration for sales teams, or visit to schedule a live demo.

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