SimpSocial Takes Pride in Serving Our Automobile Dealerships

SimpSocial Takes Pride in Serving Our Automobile Dealerships

With our Intelligent Virtual Assistants, SimpSocial is happy to assist and support our auto dealership customers across the country, from making a lasting impact with sales prospects to cultivating lifelong service customers (IVAs).

SimpSocial continues to provide service to over 1,000 dealerships and 25 auto groups across the United States. We’re still devoted to the automobile industry, which inspired our technology over a decade ago. SimpSocial’s first Intelligent Virtual Assistant was built specifically to help salespeople in the car industry.

Our IVAs collaborate with members of the Sales and Service teams to provide the best possible customer experience, engage every lead, and produce more Sales or Service appointments. This is still the case. Our approach to our car customer prospects has changed as a result of COVID-19’s economic effects.

We’ll go over the reality of the auto industry, our future plan, and how we’ll continue to show our devotion to our current auto customers in the sections below.

The Automotive Industry’s Reality

Single stores and mid-sized or large dealership groups make up the automotive dealership industry’s ecology. We’re now servicing new independent dealerships through our reseller channel, while SimpSocial concentrates its direct sales efforts on dealership groups.

We recognize that independent dealers benefit from both our Automotive Sales AI Assistant and our Automotive Support AI Assistants, which is why, as part of SimpSocial’s Agent Partner program, we are empowering our resellers to service individual dealerships. Dealerships are focusing more than ever on keeping car buyers by scheduling service appointments and implementing technology to help scale a high-quality end-to-end client experience.

SimpSocial’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant solutions are being included into resellers’ offerings to provide more comprehensive end-to-end solutions that independent auto dealerships can use to scale their sales and fixed operations.

Our Automobile Club Program

SimpSocial is establishing an auto group initiative to assist auto groups in boosting their Marketing, Sales, and Automotive Service teams in light of our new approach. See how our AI Assistants attract, acquire, and develop auto purchasers and service customers at scale using our IVA packaging.

Similarly, we offer an Auto Group Enterprise License Program to groups interested in supplying our services to their dealerships. Under this scheme, auto groups can take advantage of large discounts and flexibility throughout their stores, which applies to all of the Group’s shops.

SimpSocial has been approved for use by General Motors.

General Motors recently authorized SimpSocial’s Intelligent Virtual Assistants as in-Market Retail (iMR) Turnkey Products. This accreditation entitles GM dealers who purchase or hire a SimpSocial IVA to a co-op refund from GM, lowering their overall costs significantly.

SimpSocial’s business strategy and ethos are based on a set of cultural ideals, the first of which is to be “Customer Obsessed,” thinking and acting in their best interests. Only by honestly attempting to comprehend our clients’ aims and pain points in order to assist them in achieving or alleviating them will we be able to aid drive or alleviate them.

In order to assist our customers through these difficult times, we are proactively offering extra services at no cost; all of our car clients who use either our Automotive Sales AI Assistant or our Automotive Service AI Assistant can add the other for free. To learn more, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Adapting as a Team

SimpSocial is no exception to the fact that these are difficult times for many businesses. As we traverse these new roads together, we will do our best to provide you, our customers and partners, with all of the direction and relief that we can.

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