SimpSocial Can Transform Your Advertising in 4 Ways

These days, a lot of digital advertising agencies will attempt to sell you on an established spiel about what makes them different from other automobile advertisers. At SimpSocial, we don’t have to sell you anything because we are aware that performance speaks for itself.  We are now letting the general public know how our advertising is performing. Anyone may now verify for themselves how we maximize the return on our advertising investments.


Unique Creative

Genuinely individualized creativity is difficult to find. The majority of advertising firms will utilize generic carousel ads with cookie-cutter images that the average social media user will quickly scroll through.  Not with us—each and every one of our dealerships gets individualized campaigns with totally unique digital creative that we create just for them to spread their particular messaging. To keep up with dealer promotions, we update our creative every month. Anything from graphics and movies to frames, phrases, and more may be found in our unique creativity! We adjust our work to the needs of the dealers. Since custom creative consistently beats generic advertisements, it is crucial that the team working for you is willing to go above and beyond to customize creative for your advertising.


Specialized Approaches

Since every dealership is unique, we think that no two dealership strategies should be the same. We take crucial information into account when recommending a plan, including market share, audience insights, location, selling objectives, inventory, and more. We collaborate with you, the dealer, to ensure that your campaigns are doing what you want them to. We boost client retention in service centers, bring in more merchandise through trade-ins, and increase sales, among other things. We provide the solutions and expertise to achieve whatever objective you have for your dealership.


Level of Traffic

Comparing our traffic to other paid advertising models, it has the highest rate of return. Seriously. Customers are 4 times more likely to return to your dealer’s website to shop than they are to do so through any other channel, and we all know how crucial it is to return to a dealer’s website several times during the car-buying process. Due to our sophisticated audience targeting, which we customize for each dealership, our traffic performs so well. Depending on factors like ad type, area, and goal, we have several audience strategies. Every dealership has a unique audience, therefore, we take full advantage of our data to drive as much traffic as we can to your business.



You’ve undoubtedly decided that you want our product at this point and are wondering how much it will cost. We offer the industry’s lowest price per VDP. Currently, the typical dealership pays a staggering $4.50 for each VDP view. Our average cost per VDP view is only $1.50, thanks to rigorous targeting and budget optimization. Consider the traffic you will not experience if you pay more for less. By switching to SimpSocial today, all of it may be altered.


We take pride in providing all of our customers with the highest-quality services. Why are you holding out? To learn more about how we can help your dealership succeed and maintain a long-term relationship with your dependable advertising partner, SimpSocial, schedule a demo with us right away.

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