Reliable Results from Relevant Content: The Influence of Strategic SEO Content

This saying has evolved to reflect the glut of content available: relevant content is king. As more small businesses have access to boutique agencies or local digital marketing skills. Google’s continued emphasis on relevance suggests that most of the content available is superficial rather than deep and doesn’t fully address the consumer’s intent, which emphasizes another crucial element of digital marketing: intent is subtle and not always clear-cut.


Don’t Let Your Dealership Go Hungry – You Have to E-A-T! is our newest e-book, and we’re teasing you with some of its best insights in this blog.


Expertise is E-A-T. Authority. Trustworthiness.

Lacking the time to read an entire e-book? We comprehend that. Here is what this crucial E-A-T principle essentially means in terms of your SEO approach.


The guiding principles of Google’s development in giving results for various search entries are expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. By meeting these, you can interact with potential clients throughout the whole buying process.


For instance, this dealer managed to gain 1,578 unique sessions from local vehicle customers who were explicitly looking for this type of inventory thanks to the availability of various prior model-year materials. By having the most pertinent material possible and meeting the requirements for experience, authority, and trustworthiness, you may add value for both searchers and the search engine. Just be aware that this degree of specificity requires time, effort, and technical expertise.


The Lesson of the Story of Automotive Content

As a merchant, you can tell several tales about the goods and services you offer. You have a number of revenue streams to pursue, many of which are rich in potential to both produce new, fresh content and make use of evergreen ones. You can clearly express your E-A-T to Google and other search engines that follow suit in moving beyond keyword-based SERPs and content serving by presenting those stories, which will result in the creation of dozens, even hundreds or thousands, of entities.


Your chances of establishing a strong online presence where it counts most—where your customers are telling you what they need (and sometimes when)—increase with the strength of your storytelling, entities, and E-A-T.


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