Reasons why your dealership requires coaching for dealership sales

You never hear a prizefighter claim that he fired his coach the moment he took home the championship trophy, right? Therefore, it’s critical to keep mentoring and educating the BDC staff and salespeople. Continued mentoring and training are crucial, even after they appear to have mastered the phone and their appointment-setting rate is out of this world. They remain sharp due to this!


You could feel that it’s safe to sit back and relax as your dealership works toward a virtually flawless appointment schedule, establishing an appointment with every call or at least asking for one. But now is precisely the time to intensify your training. Have your sales staff practice with challenging callers and various scenarios by having them conduct calls with each other on a daily basis.



You must make sure your dealership is using everything you’ve learned during your training if you want to make sure your sales team is operating at its optimum level. When you have sales meetings, go over fundamental principles. Ask your sales team how they would respond to inquiries regarding credit, the greatest deals, or even hesitation to schedule an appointment over the phone.


Training your dealership’s sales consultants and business development agents isn’t only for phone conversations; it will also improve all other customer-facing communications. As a sales manager, you should also go through the correct email protocol, how to handle outbound calls, and how to leave a compelling voicemail that will guarantee a callback. These various components of dealership culture must be covered, and your team must constantly strive for improvement.



Reviewing calls with each of your sales team members is a great way to keep your coaching and training current. Each call made with the help of SimpSocial’s Dealership Sales Coaching is given to the salesperson for evaluation. Choose one call per week and participate in the coach’s critique. Pay attention to what the coach is saying and confirm that your teammate is following the instructions.



Monthly one-on-one sessions with your sales team’s sales consultants, who are being trained by SimpSocial, can help them maintain their abilities. These special calls, delivered by one of our coaches, can serve a variety of purposes. Traditionally, our coach will go over previously coached calls before walking the sales associate through the scripted passages where they can make improvements. We also like to make sure that they are acting out the script as they go along. The benefit of continual coaching is that it is constantly current and relevant.


It’s still possible to employ us at SimpSocial to assist with training your sales consultants and business development agents. Start by requesting two free mystery shops for your dealership.

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