Put Your Dealership’s Marketing Blind Spots in Rear View

We are all familiar with the annoying blind spots that some cars have more of than others. blind spot when merging attempts blind spot as you try to change lanes. When you’re operating a vehicle, these blocks might be challenging. The same is true when your dealership is navigating the world of digital marketing.


What precisely is a marketing blind spot, you might be asking? Actually, there are a variety of possible causes; for instance, your dealership may be overspending on ineffective platforms or underinvesting in fruitful searches. It’s possible for your marketing to have blind spots, and even the biggest, most prosperous dealerships can fall victim to this error. Finding these blind spots and knowing how to course-correct when they damage your own marketing is a challenging endeavor.


Let us assist you in gaining clarity.


Identifying Marketing Blind Spots: A Vital Step

The majority of us have been driving long enough to be familiar with how to detect blind spots and the safety measures that must be followed in order to protect both ourselves and those around us. Double-checking your left and right side mirrors, looking over your shoulder, using your review mirror and backup camera, or asking the passenger for more assistance are all options.


To make wise but effective decisions, your marketing team needs to use the same care and diligence.


Have you ever longed to, say,…


Change lanes while shifting your finances around without consulting a professional for advice?

If you’re using cooperative funds for marketing expenses anyway, why watch or participate in performance reviews?

Because you’re worried you won’t succeed, do you continue on your current course rather than taking a different approach to achieve where you want to go?


We all have blind spots, so even if you may be blissfully unaware of your own, hey, we all have them. To discover how to watch out for individuals in your digital marketing blind spot, start paying attention to these three typical obstacles before any accidents occur.


Merging into Generic Messaging Caution

With everything being automated, it’s easy to lose track of things. Use this model for A, B, and C. Use this message that was automatically created for D, E, and F. We understand that using these tools to make marketing a little simpler is beneficial, and there is nothing wrong with making your approach easier.


When you use these technologies without fully understanding your audience—in this example, your blind spot—problems start to occur. You must become personable in order to promote effectively. You must invest in the distinctive, unique qualities that set you apart if you want your audience to act. Customers take note of the particulars you include in your messaging and marketing. If the copy and the graphic don’t match, the video doesn’t fit the call-to-action, or the message doesn’t match the platform, people will notice. These communications may begin to appear disorganized, mechanical, or, worst of all as if you weren’t interested in learning about the requirements and preferences of your target audience in the first place.


Simple advice: no two dealerships are alike. Make your own distinctive. Make your campaigns stand out by incorporating these imaginative elements:


Customer feedback

individual CTAs for follow-up.

Interactive buttons or moving animations

popular hashtags or Vogue words


Risk Notice: Weakly Focused Targeting

Keep in mind that advertisements can irritate individuals. Your customers want a more tailored experience with your brand than a conventional “spray and pray” marketing approach can possibly deliver, especially with the advancements in marketing and monitoring technologies over the past few years.


The wisest use of your dealership’s efforts is probably not to spread your marketing message and budget broadly over your whole audience (or perhaps to avoid identifying and targeting any particular demographic at all). Digital marketing enables precise and focused targeting, enabling you to communicate with the appropriate audience at the appropriate time and place. To convert your clients at the lowest feasible ad cost, combine this with smart planning and testing.


Quick Tip: Targeting can be used to tailor messages to each recipient based on transactional data, consumer behavior, market trends, and past marketing results. You can be sure to spur action with messages that reach customers and prospects with offers and content that are pertinent to them in their individual buying journeys by using tailored email, direct mail, and newsletters.


Hazard: Being immobilized in the rearview


We frequently hear, “But we’ve always done things this way…” (Oh boy.)


One of the most frequent blind spots in dealership marketing is adhering to an outdated marketing approach or being trapped in the past. It could be time for a rethink if your dealership is spending time or money on something just because it has always been done. (This is particularly true when spending money on something that has little tracking or may be performing poorly but has been running unchecked for a time.)


Sometimes, these actions are routine and almost unconsciously performed. It’s crucial to regularly evaluate your marketing tactics; analyze whether changing your strategy is something that should be considered, and ask yourself why you are doing certain things. It doesn’t hurt to speak with a specialist in the area for more advice if you’re unsure if your dealership is making the most of its resources.


We’re not arguing that the routine marketing activities you carry out, like placing display ads on affiliated websites or supporting an annual auto conference, can’t work well for your company. Simply put, it’s crucial that these actions are taken on purpose. All other marketing initiatives that might have gone stale should also be evaluated and modified as necessary, including the traditional “but we’ve always done…” efforts.


Quick Tip: It’s important to stay current with trends and procedures. Want to leave an impression? When consumers watch a message in a video, they retain 95% of it, compared to 10% when they read it in text. Utilize video commercials to make your point memorable.


Risk Warning: Only Use Your Digital Backup Camera

It’s easy to get obsessed with internet marketing platforms and overlook the importance of your offline strategy. These two sources collaborate, and if your dealership completely forgets about one, neither can perform its job successfully. The offline operations of your dealership need to be evaluated as part of your marketing plan and integrated with your other marketing channels. Making sure that your client records are up-to-date, accurate, and tidy can save your dealership a ton of money.


Quick Tip: Targeted direct mail marketing is a terrific way to improve your offline marketing. Direct mail marketing is frequently described as “outdated” or “junk.” In today’s digitally oriented environment, it may be easy to disregard direct mail, but 57% of consumers reported that receiving direct mail made them feel more appreciated as clients.


Overall, it’s okay that blind spots sometimes make themselves difficult to see. Your dealership should take the time to determine whether these blind spots are harming you since they might be able to stop you from overspending or underperforming as a result of an error. Sometimes stepping back and asking the professionals for assistance might help you remove those obstacles and perhaps even avert some crashes in the process.

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