Protect Yourself From Data Thieves: Everything You Need to Know

If your vendors are holding your data captive, they are not your partners. They are your adversaries.


I’ve said it, there!


Would it make any sense if, for example, your hockey coach refused to give you a copy of your stats or if your doctor refused to provide you with a copy of your medical records? Nope. This essay will clarify why dealers have the right to ownership of their own data, as well as offer a few practical suggestions for reclaiming what is legally yours.


Which data is most important to dealers?

The information that suppliers to the automotive sector (particularly in marketing and technology) produce, acquire, and assess is frequently based on:


  • Your business


  • your online store


  • Your stock


  • Your assistance


  • Your clients’ behaviors


  • on your lists


Because it is pertinent to your business as a whole and is necessary for making wise marketing decisions, vendors and dealers are interested in this information. This information can help you make up lost sales, identify why a certain car has been lingering on the lot longer than it should, and even choose the correct inventory to boost sales in the future. Data ultimately translates into money for all parties!


So from where does all of this crucial information come? Most frequently:


  • the back end of your website


  • Your Facebook business manager or ad accounts


  • Your property for Google Analytics/Google Analytics 4


  • Ads by Google


  • Tag Manager for Google


  • Profile on Google Business


  • program for tracking third parties


  • Additional Google products and advertising channels


Before granting access to your dependable marketing and technology partners, you, as the dealer, should, first and foremost, hold all of these accounts. The truth should only come from one place, and that place should be yours. However, suppliers frequently hold these accounts and any associated data as their own.


Let’s be clear: There isn’t any justification for this.


There is no justification for keeping data hostage.

When we try to acquire ownership for our clients during onboarding, one of the most frequent things we observe is resistance from their former providers.


Many businesses may claim things such as, “We can’t provide ownership of _____ because our set-up is proprietary!” I respond by saying, “If the proprietary setup was that great, the dealer wouldn’t be leaving you!”


Additionally, the fact that we are unable to access the data that your company has been accumulating for years makes our job—as well as your job—much more difficult. We frequently have to start over, which is not ideal. Do not be concerned; we will make it happen. Just not the best!


5 Quick Methods Take Control of Your Data with the Aid of SimpSocial


  • Your accounts are your property, and we are just using them for marketing purposes.


  • If you don’t currently have a master account, we can assist you in setting one up


  • To make sure that your dealership owns your Facebook page, business manager, and ad account(s), we’ll square off with Facebook.


  • To learn how to access your accounts, including Google Ads, Google Analytics, and others, we’ll speak with your team. The power of knowledge!


  • We’ll install the necessary tracking on your owned accounts to make sure that they not only gather data but also that the value is allocated and analyzed correctly to be helpful in making decisions.


Why is all this information so vital?


In other words, your data affects almost every part of your organization and is produced entirely at your expense. Must I say more?


Many of the marketing choices we make for our dealer partners are guided by this data, including:


Data created from your advertising campaigns can be used to better future advertising efforts, generate more leads, and give you more value for your money. The more historical data we have access to, the more ads “learn” over time.


Website analytics can show you whether or not visitors are converting to leads. It can tell you at what point in the purchasing process visitors decide to depart or remain on your website. It can provide information on the vehicles that people arrive in and the vehicles for which they finally submit leads. It can provide you with demographic data about your visitors and the website pages they find most interesting.


This list might last for days!


Your clients expect protection for the data that you manage through your DMS, analytics, and other properties. Imagine that!


Customers will go out of their way to collaborate with firms that give them control over their data, according to a recent study from Google. The same effort we put into safeguarding your data should also be put forward by you as a different marketing tactic to attract more clients.


Choose a vendor who will treat you and your data with respect.

Know that we’re prepared for when you’re prepared to begin treating your data with respect and partnering with someone who does the same. And please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding your accounts, who owns them, or how to access your data. We’ll be able to offer you the lowdown on your finances and data so you can start making choices that are in the best interests of your company rather than those of your suppliers.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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