Promoting Your Service Department with Digital Signage in Auto Dealerships

Your dealership has likely moved on from crude internets marketing tactics like gigantic inflatables and silly inflatable tube guys by this point. But keep in mind that while you’re enhancing your online visibility, bolstering your social media, and striving to get positive online reviews, people will notice you and want to stay involved with you when they’re in your dealership. And that’s where digital signage for auto dealerships comes in.


You cannot simply place visitors to your dealership in a room with a coffee maker and yesterday’s newspaper, especially when they are there for service. This is the reason why there are so many dealerships with luxurious waiting spaces that are stocked with TVs, computers, drinks, food, kid-friendly play areas, fish tanks, and more. And that is good and all. But after they sit down, what do most people do? They tap away while gazing at their phones.


Now, we’re not advocating that you try to develop the following fantastic software to grab people’s attention. You aren’t up against the Candy Crushes and Instagrams of the world. However, you may integrate digital signage from auto dealerships to design a compelling and enjoyable in-store experience.


We chatted with David Wible, the CEO of Industry Weapon, a digital signage disruptor that aids businesses in navigating the terrain of digital signage, particularly car dealerships. You can choose the equipment you actually need without spending money on extra bells and whistles that you won’t use by using these suggestions and the assistance of the Industry Weapon team.


What is digital signage in auto dealerships?


Right now, take a look around your dealership. Are any signs up yet? You must have signage advertising sales, discounts, service offerings, warranty plans, and other things. Why not deliver those messages in a digital manner to make them more compelling? You understand your clients and how to interact with them. Why not produce and curate new content that will grab their interest and hold it?


You can distribute socially and personally relevant content through digital signage, which includes displays on the internet, interactive kiosks, video walls, and other devices. A standard sign or banner that advertises your most recent sale merely accomplishes what it says: advertise your most recent deal. It’s simple to pass without giving it a second thought. You can go further with digital signage. Yes, you will continue to advertise your dealership, sales team, service center, or anything; but, this self-promotional message will only be a small portion of it.


Creating Engaging Digital Signage


Once again, you want to highlight the in-store experience with digital signage. So, yes, you do want to market and sell. But you must also occupy and amuse your audience. Maybe you already employ digital signage in some capacity. However, is that entire screen devoted to you and your pitch? Then it’s possible that people are walking by it like they would a conventional sign. However, individuals are more likely to stop and watch if a portion of the screen features a news scroll, the local weather, or interesting videos and photographs. Even if you still want your advertisements there, they shouldn’t take up the entire screen. You also need to approach it wisely. People will stop paying attention the second time they see the identical service discount that is always advertised. However, if you use imagination, you can present offers that seem customized for each person who sees them.


Let’s take the example of it raining. A film on the value of high-quality wiper blades appears out of nowhere. Then there’s a promotion for wiper blades, but not just any wiper blades—only the wiper blades you now have in stock and can install to a high standard. Instead of just running the same promotions over and over again, you’re giving your customers a pleasant and straightforward experience. Run special, limited-time promotions as well. Not a weekend promotion or a month-end discount. Something that makes the customer feel special; something they must do right away rather than later. Free wiper blades with every purchase of floor mats are available for the next four hours only. If you sign up today, you can receive two years’ worth of oil changes for the price of one.


Reviews are yet another technique to keep viewers interested in your digital signage. As we’ve spoken about, consumers use the internet and social media to generate opinions about the goods and services they intend to purchase. They are curious about what their relatives and friends will say. They want to purchase what their preferred online influencers or celebrities do. They desire to view images and films of the goods or services in use. Digital signage is a great way to display all of this content.


Have a perusal of the positive web testimonials you’ve gotten. You can reshare articles written by regional influencers or celebrities praising the cars you market. But when you put everything together, digital signage really shines. Imagine you work for a BMW dealer. Run a sizzle reel of a loaded X7 driving about in style on your digital signage while scrolling social media influencers or your own customers saying, “I live in [your town] and I love the X7.” Or, “Hey, I adore the service at XYZ dealership. I won’t transport my car somewhere else. You combine the best digital assets from the manufacturers with a distinctly regional flair. People like to shop with people they like and from local businesses. Give them every excuse to carry it out.


Things to Avoid When Using Digital Signage


Don’t install anything merely to have a brand-new gadget, to start with. Touchscreens are entertaining and interactive, but you want customers to interact with your product, not the screens. Your digital signage should enhance the in-store experience rather than take center stage. Keep in mind that you have effective resources at your disposal, including highly qualified personnel, vehicles, and a service department that clients can really see and interact with. Make a good impression with that X7 sizzle reel. Give them a ride-along. Offer them all of your fantastic services if you find someone taking advantage of your service promotion. Your team must add a personal touch to pull them in after the technology has set the hook.


Additionally, you must exercise caution when running content on your digital signs. Never just let your social media feed stream onto your computer screen. The “trolls” can publish anything at any time, especially if they know it will be prominently posted for everyone to see. You must share posts and reviews with great intention; you cannot simply run real-time feeds. Make it appear to be in real-time while still delivering timed, strategic posts.


Finally, keep in mind that interactive and engaging digital signage is what it is designed to be. There should always be action on the screen, even if it’s simply your logo rotating in the corner or a changing background. You don’t want stagnant material. Additionally, be sure to utilize the appropriate colors to portray the meaning you want to convey. It’s not just about the colors of your dealership. There is much more to color psychology than that. You may learn the true meaning of colors using Industry weapons. It also depends on how long the texts you send are. For each asset, Wible recommends four seconds. Keep your communications short, to the point, and rotating constantly.

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