Promote your dealership on social media to reach your dream audience.

Let us assist you in creating a social media presence you can be proud of since social media isn’t something to be dreaded; it should be embraced. At SimpSocial, we provide comprehensive social media management on a number of platforms.


Amazingly, more than half of the world is now active on social media, but some auto dealers are hesitant to make an investment. In the current digital era, your dealership absolutely must have a social media presence if you want to connect with your ideal clients.


putting together a customized social media plan for you


Our adept social media team will create a plan to draw the appropriate clientele to your dealership. Through social media advertising, we assist dealers of all sizes in enhancing their online branding by accessing an underserved market.


More than just “posting photos to your social media account” is involved. Our staff will design striking graphics to persuade people to browse your autos, and we’ll then use paid social media advertising to retarget those individuals.


Every month, we manage thousands of dollars worth of Facebook advertisements and know which audiences and conversion rates are best for your business. We also comprehend that you are focused on selling your stock, therefore, using social media strategically is essential.


What can we infer about the epidemic from this?


You don’t need us to tell you that amid a chaotic year of COVID lockdowns, demand for internet shopping has skyrocketed. Accept this change, and let our professionals lead your social media to success. Additionally, the age of your customers is changing.


It’s more crucial than ever to stay on top of messaging through your social channels since Gen Z and Millennials are now more likely to send you a message on Facebook than pick up the phone to inquire about a vehicle. If not, a lot of prospective leads are being lost.


There are many advantages to using SimpSocial, and we’re pleased to be a Facebook Marketplace listing partner. This implies that our merchants will list their inventory for free through Facebook’s Marketplace connection.


Regardless of how big your auto supermarket is or how tiny it is, we can offer you the finest solution for your operation. Not only that, but we can collaborate with your internal marketing team to create original content and standout paid campaigns, or we may operate independently to take over your social media platforms.


We’re here to make sure that the appropriate social media audiences continually promote and see your brand. Reach out to us right away and let us take the reins of your dealership.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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